7 gadgets a millennial mother would want as a gift on this Mother’s Day

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As a mother, there is something that upsets me when I see the suggested gifts for him. Mother’s Day: the insistence on giving domestic appliances. For a long time, these devices were no longer an option to give that 10th of May, much less if the recipient is one millennial mother, modern and technologicalwho receives a thousand times more Gadgets last time instead of an iron or something like that.

7 gadgets a millennial mother would want as a gift on this Mother’s Day
7 gadgets a millennial mother would want as a gift on this Mother’s Day

Of course, current devices are very far from those of our mothers or grandmothers. Mixers have been replaced by intelligent processorswho have favourited stoves from Air fryers and the irons for clothes that don’t need ironing (thanks!).

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Many moms agree that if they bring out one, it doesn’t matter if the new air fryer is great Kitchen robots that prepares three hundred dishes at the push of a button, or if so SmartTV comes with an app that guesses the thought: They are still home appliances.

This doesn’t mean that said Gadgets are bad, in fact they can be very useful. Maybe a homemade ice cream in 2 minutes or fat-free french fries can make me happy. But at the end They are devices for the house, not for me.

Another questionable gift are Devices for the office or too functional: computers, tablets, smartphones, object tracking devices or an intelligent assistant. Although they can be of great help to a professional mom who does Home officeThey’re pretty impersonal and shouldn’t be an option unless she specifically asks about them.

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So, here are some gifts a new mom and tech fan might want to receive on May 10th (or any day of the year, don’t limit yourself). Check out the list and forget about arriving with a wireless speaker, Alexa virtual assistant, or any other device that the whole family will eventually use. Find something that is just for them, he deserves it.

1. Garmin Venu Smartwatch

Garmin Venue model smartwatch. Image via Amazon

There are tons of options out there already, but there is one that any mom would love: the Garmin Venu Smartwatch. It is a smart watch with the latest technology: AMOLED color screen with improved graphics, music storage with a capacity of up to 650 tracks, tracking and security functions, GPS and contactless payment. It also monitors energy levels, blood oxygen saturation, hydration, stress, breathing, sleep, and heart rate. In addition, it’s perfect for Fitness mothersIt offers more than 20 pre-installed sports apps, personalized on-screen training sessions and even personal trainers. You can get it here.

2. Sunglasses with Bose Frames soprano or tenor audio

Bose Frames Soprano Audio Sunglasses. Image via Amazon

These nifty glasses combine elegant style with great audio. They have black polarized polycarbonate lenses with a high-gloss black finish, are shock and scratch resistant and block 99% of UVA / UVB rays. This includes the exclusive technology Open Ear Audio, rechargeable battery for up to 5.5 hours of playback, advanced microphone system, Bluetooth range of up to 30 feet and touch controls. Find the Soprano model (round) Here, or the Tenor model (Square) Here.

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3. Fitbit Luxe

Fitbit Luxe. Image via Amazon

The second Fitbit product after purchase by Google after the launch of the Fitbit Ace 3 for kids. The Fitbit Luxe It has become one of the most popular mothers’ fit bands as it registers movement with a trendy, minimalist twist. It comes with a silicone bracelet in different colors or a gold link bracelet, very elegant! It has an AMOLED touchscreen and a battery that promises up to 5 days of autonomy per charge. This device monitors heart rate, stress, oxygen saturation, sleep quality, menstrual health and physical activity – steps, calories, pace, distance and more. Accurately detects up to 20 types of exercises such as running, walking, swimming, rowing and skiing.

In contrast to predecessors like Fitbit Charge 4, There is no GPS or NFC chip for contactless payments.

Find the Fitbit Luxe on black color herealthough it is also available in White gold Y. pink orchid.

4. Dyson supersonic hair dryer

Dyson supersonic hair dryer. Image via Amazon

It’s the Rolls-Royce of the tumble dryer! This miracle dries your hair in half the time of another and is designed to be edgy to look like a decorative piece. The controlled high-speed blast and adjustable temperature create a smooth, natural finish with volume and shape. It has a redesigned and improved diffuser for creating defined curls and waves as well as several interchangeable nozzles for different effects. Got it Here.

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5. Kindle Paperwhite e-reader

Kindle Paperwhite e-reader. Image via Amazon

If mom likes to read but can’t carry books around, then Gadget you will love it. The Kindle Paperwhite It is lighter and thinner than other models, waterproof and the battery promises a lifespan of weeks (not days). It has a 6-inch screen with a 300 dpi anti-glare resolution that you can read as if it were printed paper under all types of lighting, even in bright sunlight. It is available with 8 or 32 GB of storage and gives you access to more than 5.5 million books in the Amazon library. You can find it Here.

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6. Sports band with Lavince wireless earbuds for sleeping or exercising

Sports band with Lavince wireless headphones. Image via Amazon.

Mothers go from one place to another and many of us could use these headphones that look like a headband. Is Sports headband allows you to listen to music while keeping your hair under control and protecting it from sweat. It has a microphone for answering calls and wireless technology 5.0 connected to any smartphone or tablet via bluetooth. It has a wireless range of 13.6 m and a rechargeable LiPO battery that can play music for up to 10 hours. The thickness of only 0.6 cm and the ultra-flat headphones make sleeping very pleasant, as they also block ambient noise (e.g. snoring). You can get it Here.

7. FOREO Luna Mini 3 Sonic Cleaner

FOREO Luna Mini 3. Images via Amazon.

Mothers have very little time to take care of ourselves and this little device will do those minutes my time be the best. The electric brush for intelligent facial cleansing Luna Mini 3 Removes 99.5% of sweat, oil, dirt and dead cells from your pores and leaves your skin fresh, healthy and smooth. It has extra-soft, ultra-hygienic and pore-free silicone filaments that do not accumulate bacteria, and its T-Sonic pulsations can be regulated in 12 intensities. It has an app that allows you to identify your skin’s needs and configure your beauty routine. Or you can use the Glow Boost mode for a quick and effective clean in just 30 seconds. If you want to give mom pure happiness, check it out Here.

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