7 documentaries that every entrepreneur has to watch to be inspired

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As a business owner and proud father of three, I don’t always have the time to get the latest information Netflix series Weekends. What I do is sit and watch a documentation occasionally. Not only are they a great way to relax and relieve stress, but in my opinion they are one of the best ways to stay motivated and expand my business skills.

7 documentaries that every entrepreneur has to watch to be inspired
7 documentaries that every entrepreneur has to watch to be inspired

But what to see? There are hundreds of documentaries on Netflix, Amazon, YouTube, and the Internet in general, but here I leave you 7 recommendations that you find particularly inspiring for entrepreneurs.

one. Jiro dreams of sushi

This 2011 documentary focuses on Jiro One, who owns a humble sushi bar in a Tokyo subway station. What makes the story of Jiro, who was 85 years old when the documentary was released, interesting is that he has tried his whole life to be the best sushi chef in the world. He has it? Assume that your restaurant has 3 Michelin stars and your customers are ready to pay $ 300 per plate.

With what you keep: This documentary shows how the most successful owners have such a passion for their business that they sometimes cross the line of obsession and how they are willing to share their knowledge with future generations.

2nd Tinker a nation

Just like Jiro’s documentary Sushi dreams, Tinker a nation describes the commitment and passion that entrepreneurs must have. Started in 2013, Tinker a nation It follows the story of several craft beer factories in the U.S. and shows their hard work, struggles, and success. The film also examines the positive impact these breweries have on their communities by employing local farmers to harvest ingredients for their products.

With what you keep: While passion and creativity are essential, entrepreneurs also need to find ways to improve their communities.

3rd Steve Jobs: One last thing

Regardless of whether you are an Apple fan or not, almost everyone respects what Steve Jobs has achieved in a company he has left and returned to to save her from failure. It was originally premiered on PBS in November 2011 and shows this visionary through interviews in which he discusses how his talent, style and imagination have changed the world.

With what you keep: The most powerful part of this 60-minute documentary is the exclusive Interview with Jobs, in which he explains: “Life can be much more interesting if you discover a simple fact, and that means: everything around you that you call life It became made by people who are no smarter than you. Once you understand that, you can give life a boost. You can change it, you can shape it. That is probably the most important thing. “

Four. Burt’s Buzz

This 2013 documentary is about the life of Burt Shavitz, who, as a beekeeper, co-founded Burt’s Bees in 1984 and, despite fame and fortune, was almost a hermit.

With what you keep: Though the humble start of Burt’s Bee is inspiring, one of the most important points in the documentary is the importance of choosing the right co-founder and working with him on what can create or destroy a business. In this case, the documentary discusses the clashes between Shavitz and Roxanne Quimby, the other founder, who eventually bought Shavitz’s stake and sold the company to Clorox in 2007 for more than $ 900 million.

5. happy

In this film, a group of scientists, researchers and thought leaders exchange information about what makes people really happy. One note: there is usually not a lot of money in your bank accounts. What makes people really happy? Oscar-winning director Roko Belic tries to answer this question by taking a motivational trip around the world to find out what makes us really happy.

6. Print the legend

Unlike other recommendations on this list, Print the legend Discover the ugly part of starting a business. For example, he speaks of Bre Pettis, the founder of MakerBots. Pettis was ready to sacrifice her friends to succeed with her 3D printing company. On the other hand, there is also the simpler story of Formlabs and its struggle for money for its projects.

With what you keep: What is more important for an entrepreneur? His friends? The innovation? The business itself? These are difficult questions that we all have to answer at some point.

7. Sunshine Superman

This funny documentary from 2015 tells the life of Carl Boenish, one of the pioneers of BASE jumping, who basically jumps into space with parachutes or gliders. What makes this film so inspiring is the passion and courage Boenish had when he started it. Boenish is also known for his work as a filmmaker, philosopher and sponsor of the Base jumping.

With what you keep: Starting a business can be scary, but if you’re not ready to take the plunge, are you really living to the fullest? Another business hour that you will stay with Sunshine Superman is that entrepreneurs are forced to take on multiple responsibilities, but that is exactly what will help you master these tasks and ultimately be successful.

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