7 books to help you overcome your entrepreneurial fears

Countless entrepreneurs before facing their own challenges and hearing their stories is a great way to shape yours.

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7 books to help you overcome your entrepreneurial fears
7 books to help you overcome your entrepreneurial fears

  • There is no easy way to overcome fears as an entrepreneur.
  • Preparation is an essential part of courage.
  • When you hear the stories of people who went through the same things as you, you can find your own way.

Good entrepreneurs need courage to be successful, but it is becoming increasingly difficult to find courage. Between a global recession and an accelerating pandemic, the deck seems to be against you more than ever.

There’s no easy way to overcome fears as a business owner, but reading is one of the best places to start. Countless entrepreneurs before facing your own challenges and hearing their stories is a great way to build your own. Here are some of my favorites:

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one. Create and Orchestrate: The Way to Challenge Your Creative Power from an Unlikely by Marcus Whitney

If Marcus Whitney can go from a college dropout with no place to one of Nashville’s most exciting entrepreneurs in just two decades, nothing will stop him from going his own way. Create and orchestrate tells the incredible story of Whitney and offers some of her invaluable insights to ensure that anyone who reads her has a deeper understanding of how to make their dreams come true.

two. Magnificently daring: How having the courage to be vulnerable changes the way we live, love, are parents and lead by Brené Brown

As a business owner, it can be beneficial to be risk averse. Not only does Daring Greatly prove this is wrong, he also shows how you can rely on your weaknesses to help you become a better entrepreneur later on. Brené Brown’s research has shown the vulnerability to power in a professional setting, and this book can help you figure out how to turn your fears into assets.

3. Refractory: A Five Step Model That Can Help You Go From Unpredictable To Extremely Profitable Your Law Firm by Mike Morse with John Nachazel

Lawyers are smart, savvy, and well trained, but few are trained to run a real business. When Mike Morse decided to start his own law firm, he quickly realized that running a business is much more than he had ever imagined. Refractory is an account of everything Morse learned on his trip. A fantastic demonstration of how easy it may be to take the plunge, but the results are almost always worth it.

Four. Invisible Marketing: A hidden tool for connecting with consumers through licenses by Jeff Lotman

For executives, nothing is more scary than the idea of ​​passing the brand you have created to someone else, but Jeff Lotman shows in his new book that this could be the secret to growth. Invisible Marketing is dedicated to exploring the art of trademark licensing and how it can be liberating and frightening to allow others to spread the word.

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5. Breaking the Code: Five Steps to a Life Changing Software Development Job by Bobby Davis Jr.

More and more people are leaving their old sectors and starting over in the world of technology. While this can offer the potential for big profits in the future, it is never easy to break into a new market. Break the code is Bobby Davis Jr.’s hands-on guide to great career opportunities once you step into technology. Having the skills is one thing, but doing something with them is another, and this book will make sure you can more easily enter the market you choose.

6th Broken, Bankrupt, and Dying: How to Solve the Great American Healthcare Rip Off by Brad Spellberg

Healthcare is always a top priority for everyone, but no one seems to agree on the solution. Brad Spellberg’s book is one of the clearest and most comprehensive insights into what went wrong with America’s healthcare system and what our next steps should be. Broken, bankrupt and dying is far from easy to read, but it is a strong indicator of how much courage it takes to fix such a ramshackle system.

7th Don’t Be a Stranger: Create your own happiness in business by building strategic relationships by Lawrence R. Perkins

As frustrating as it is, the old adage is as true as always: in business, it’s not what you know; is who you know Building a high performing network is the first step in embarking on your own business path Don’t be a stranger can help you know how to do it. Lawrence R. Perkins has put the wisdom of a career in one book, and entrepreneurs eager to take the next step cannot afford to ignore it.

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s ready to make great strides in their careers need to be fully prepared beforehand. Preparation is an essential part of courage. Reading some of these books may not guarantee success, but it will show you exactly what it looks like.

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