66% of ETH “Hodlers” plan to participate with at least some of their coins

Ethereum-focused (ETH) blockchain technology company ConsenSys has released a report that examines the stakeout and custody preferences of ETH holders.

According to the report, two thirds of Ethereum investors plan to put their coins once the first phase of the ETH 2.0 rollout is complete.

Interestingly, ETH holders who plan to operate their own validation nodes expect lower annual premiums than those who want to bet through a third party.

The preferences indicate the counterparty risk thresholds

66% of ETH “Hodlers” plan to participate with at least some of their coins
66% of ETH “Hodlers” plan to participate with at least some of their coins

Of the 287 RespondentThe largest segment stated that 33.1% of the participants used a third party provider for betting. It was found that the segment “has the relatively highest ratio of ETH storage on a stock exchange”. They also reported on a basic understanding of the economy of ETH 2.0.

Although they plan to hand over part of their betting rewards to third-party providers, demographics forecast an average annual return of 7.6%. Respondents who plan to run their own nodes, on the other hand, expect an annual reward of 5.8%.

Participants planning to run their own nodes were found to “contain the relatively largest amount of ETH” and said they had the best knowledge of ETH economics. It was also found that these respondents keep most of their ETH in hardware wallets.

Those who don’t want to play have no resources

Only 2.8% of those surveyed stated that they definitely did not intend to rely on their ETH and cited the lack of possessions as the main reason. The majority of those surveyed hold their assets in non-custody portfolios and identify themselves as the least understood understanding of the economy that ETH 2.0 supports.

14.6% of those questioned were undecided and cited “the desire to wait and see” as the main reason for their caution. Undecided respondents have the highest expectations of bonus bets and expect an annual return of 9.4%.

The remaining 16.7% of respondents only gave a partial answer.

Most nodes keep 50% or more of their possession

42.5% of those surveyed who plan to operate their own nodes plan to put between 50% and 100% of their ETH shares.

One in five participants stated that they bet between 91% and 100% of their ETH portfolio. This is the largest segment of the respondents when you consider the 10% tranches. The second largest group were investors who wanted to place between 21% and 30% of their ETH at 14.9%.

35.1% indicated that they would set less than half of their ETH, while 7.4% said no number.

More than a quarter of the survey participants said they did not have Bitcoin (BTC).

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