6 YouTube Channels in Spanish to Learn How to Make Money

Mexico and Argentina are the Latin American countries that showed the greatest interest in finance-minded creators as of July.

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6 YouTube Channels in Spanish to Learn How to Make Money
6 YouTube Channels in Spanish to Learn How to Make Money

We all heard what happened to GameSpot and Wall Street, but few really understood what happened. The truth is, personal finance issues are usually not people’s forte unless they choose to proactively take the reins of their portfolio into their own hands.

The quarantine has allowed us to spend more time on these issues. According to Google, Mexico and Argentina are the Latin American countries that showed the greatest interest in financial institutions as of July, which mainly focused on investment methods and financial latency on savings, as well as the financial phenomenon in exchange rates. Politically and sociologically.

There are six Creators on the riseThat is to say, YouTube channels that have recently shown a high point of interaction (views, subscriptions and likes) within the platform and that in Latin America represent issues of business and personal finance. Everything in Spanish, of course.

Daniel Urías, a financial expert, focuses his channel on debunking popular personal finance myths and explaining the financial systems of banks and government institutions. His most watched videos include an explanation of how to prepare your finances, accompanied by the expert Josué Rodríguez from Sirú Financiero, and an interview with the author of the capitalist pig, Sofía Macías.

Personal financial advisor who started his channel 4 years ago and made animated explanations on financial concepts like investing and inflation. Today he focuses on speaking about local economy issues like AFORES and Mexican bank expansions, and doing reviews of credit and debit card handling.

3. Franco Iribe (103,000 subscribers)

Franco started his channel talking about investing and how to become a stockbroker. However, when he started analyzing Shark Tank, he saw a significant increase in both views and subscribers. In addition to reviewing the famous TV show, he also does pop content on complex topics like Carlos Slim’s fortune with rice or sharing his top 10 films to inspire an entrepreneur.

Victoria and Manu are the creators of this channel which focuses on tutorials for entrepreneurs. Both focus their knowledge on digital marketing and tools offered by various technologies to share with their community and help them choose the most suitable for them. His top 5 videos include using platforms like Mercado Pago, PayPal, and Wilobank.

In 2015, Francisco decided to quit his full-time job to focus on doing business online, traveling and experimenting with different revenue streams, as well as opening his YouTube channel. In his channel he shares information on financial and digital marketing topics as well as investment advice. One of his most successful videos is about buying stocks online for beginners.

Inversor Global’s CEO and entrepreneur launched his channel in 2015 to share some of his conversations about business and investing. After writing for La Nación and Infobae, he shares his financial experience with his community on YouTube with simple answers.

The year 2020 brought various financial difficulties due to the COVID-19 crisis. We hope that this year, with the help of experts who share their knowledge on YouTube through examples and simple explanations, a better one in terms of personal savings and finances will be achieved, even for those unfamiliar with the topic.

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