6 WhatsApp works perfectly for your company

Whatsapp It’s no longer just for messages and calls. This application that is part of Facebookhas become a tool for engagement Y. trade in order to Y. Small business owner. You can provide another channel for Brand building, the information and interaction with the customer and Income opportunities.

WhatsApp was developed with the idea that today’s consumers and businesses prefer mobility. With WhatsApp, companies can switch to the mobile environment via various points of contact.

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1. Creation of a product catalog

6 WhatsApp works perfectly for your company
6 WhatsApp works perfectly for your company

Facebook presented the Product catalog for users of WhatsApp business You can create an online catalog of your products so customers can browse the application. Can be added meaningful content to help customers learn more about each product and promote their purchase. This information can include items like the Product name, description, a connection Url, the Reference number or code (SKU) of the product and even a Picture of each item.

For the small businesses If you haven’t built a real web presence yet, you can reach customers with minimal effort. It’s especially useful for businesses that are just starting out and can only be reached through a local kiosk, farmers market, or other small group of offline followers. Loyal and appreciative customers will find it easier to keep buying these brands and at the same time, promote it easily within your social circle, This expands the brand’s reach.

2. Order products

In addition to browsing and learning about your products, customers can instantly click on one or more items and add them to one Shopping venture in the app and make a purchase.

WhatsApp business It added this functionality in 2020 and plans to launch more payment tools in 2021. This would mean that the entire buying process could be completed within that app’s messaging window.

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3. Conversations while shopping

Whatsapp promotes the concept of Conversation Trading. In this case, companies use interactive media (like WhatsApp) to communicate with customers throughout the buying process. You may find that simply toggling phone calls that often go unanswered increases your response and engagement rate Instant messagingthat often feel less intrusive for customers.

Not only do you know who is communicating with you, but you also have more control over the conversation with your brand. Asimosmo is an easier, more profitable way to interact with international customers when phone calls can be costly or inconvenient.

The Conversation Trading differs from Advertising messages. It focuses on dialogue which will help your company build relationships with customers and thus have a conversation during all parts of the customer buying process Needs recognition until Purchase decision (and even the buy back).

Whatsapp offers several ways to start these conversations, including Messaging templates this will guide you through the most effective dialogue strategies. For example, reflective approaches to encouraging conversation This includes providing space for customers to ask questions about products or services, providing order updates and confirmations for shipping and delivery, and answering basic business hours and similar questions. You can also use the app to exchange information about upcoming offers or to send personalized messages and offers for a customer’s birthday or anniversary.

Image via WhatsApp.

4. WhatsApp API for more complex functions

Beyond WhatsApp Business, you can explore that Paid version known as WhatsApp Business API, designed for larger businesses and companies looking for more sophistication in their messages. This version offers a variety of additional features including product ordering and order verification.

The API includes the Integration with Facebook advertising tools So that your target audience can contact your brand directly through a paid ad in social media. Since it’s an API, you can integrate it with other third party companies to further expand the capabilities of WhatsApp Business. You can optimize your company’s profile page with additional content, such as: Company description, Contact information (Address, email and website URL) and a cover photo.

Next to the WhatsApp API offers more robust measurement data for your target group in the app. This knowledge, in turn, can help your team marketing to create more impactful news, campaigns and product ads.

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5. An internal opportunity

Although WhatsApp Business is primarily an external tool for prospective and existing customers, the app also offers internal applications to make the workflow easier for your team members. It’s a simple tool that your employees may use to communicate outside of work. This makes it easy to implement without having to use another tool.

Consider using WhatsApp in your company. Create specific groups like a sales or marketing group. This allows your teams to exchange information through instant messaging instead of an email chain. Many people prefer this immediate communication channel, so it makes sense to introduce it into the work environment.

6. New trading areas

WhatsApp is a tool that allows your company to open up new territories with a simpler commercial infrastructure. This can be an ideal and inexpensive way to go expand into new growth areas to you Start up or small business. It offers a unique business model that adapts to unprecedented times and physical business constraints.

This means to be able to use WhatsApp business as a Reservation or advice platform for a service-oriented company or for Deliveries from a restaurant or seller with no shop. It can help with too internal growthand provides a channel through which your employees and outsourced team members can stay connected.

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