6 ways you can support a local business through Google Maps

From the information that a place is open to the purchase of gift cards.

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6 ways you can support a local business through Google Maps
6 ways you can support a local business through Google Maps

In the past few days, many countries have entered the economic recovery phase, and as a result, many companies that have kept their doors closed have opened them to welcome their customers.

In some cases of regrowth, however, it is difficult to know which rooms are open and which are not or how they offer their services. In this context, and because we’re doing more together, we’re going to share six simple actions you can do to help businesses in your neighborhood or city through Google Maps:

1. You can report when a place has been reopened or edit other useful information

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s don’t always have the time or resources to keep their online information up to date. If you know that a business has reopened to the public, but is still marked closed on Google Search or Maps, you can report that it is already open.

Click the company’s “Temporarily Closed” banner and choose “Suggest a Problem” to notify Google about the company’s reopening. And for companies that reopened at different times, you can also send updated information about them.

2. Leave ratings, ratings and photos

Share your experience. If you write well about the takeaway service or share photos of the menu or dishes you’ve ordered, your favorite stores can have more customers.

3. Try an online course

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Many companies are implementing online services due to the limitations of the pandemic. These can be found in search engines and maps, as the locals can now offer them directly on this platform. Your searches may be “yoga classes near me,” “beauty centers,” or “piano classes,” and you should see companies nearby using these services.

4. Buy a gift card or donate

You can buy a gift card or make a donation to help businesses in your community. In this way, entrepreneurs receive funds to support their employees and to keep their business going. You can do this through Google My Business.

5. Reserve a future appointment

Lost reservations and canceled services are understandable these days, but can be stressful for local business owners and employees. Reschedule appointments and services later so you can assure local merchants that the reservation is being made. Many centers and other companies accept appointments and reservations directly from the Google search engine or from Maps.

6. Order at home and collect from the store

Many restaurants and bars offer takeaway or pick up on the premises. If you’re not in the mood to cook, treat yourself to the support of one of your nearby restaurants. Use Google Maps to find nearby restaurants that offer take-away, pickup, delivery, or contactless delivery.

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