6 ways to know if your business is profitable

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The thought of opening a business and making lots of money is simple. The difficulties begin when you are about to implement the idea and doubts start popping up in your head. Will it be profitable? Will i be successful? The questions can be endless, but the most important thing is to solve them intelligently so that success in getting your idea to market doesn’t escape your hands.

6 ways to know if your business is profitable
6 ways to know if your business is profitable

In accordance with Global ship Monitor 2018/2019 (GEM) Mexico was created by Babson College and London Business School and ranks 23rd out of 54 on the National ship Context Index (NECI), while Latin America ranks second (Argentina first), showing that an increasing number of nationals consider entrepreneurship as such an alternative for resource generation and economic independence.

Hence, it is necessary to have the right strategies in place to successfully enter the market, as creativity is not the only thing a company needs to have. Here are the main points:

1. Service or product: When planning your company, it is necessary to define the main characteristics. Creating an outline can help you determine if what you are offering has the characteristics of a service, or that way you can refine the details and identify the differentiator you are giving your product idea.

2. Solve a problem: To do this, you need to conduct market research and know whether it meets societal needs. However, you need to take into account that if your idea has already been catapulted by another company, there is a high chance that you will find them with positioning issues. Innovation is therefore one of the main factors in order not to find competition. Market research shouldn’t necessarily involve hiring a large agency or spending a lot of money, starting your social networks, doing online surveys and you will realize many valuable things.

3. Target group: You need to define who your customers will be. In order to measure your market opportunities, you need to break down everything that allows you to get closer to your potential customers, that is, to divide your target audience into at least four levels: location, gender, socio-economic level and age.

Also investigate how many people are there with the characteristics you are looking for. If the numbers aren’t favorable, make adjustments to your idea.

4. Cost: You need to take into account that you have administrative and operational costs as well as production costs. You need to assign the price at which you want to offer your product or service and you need to factor this into your planning. With this information, you will get an approximate average profit and not only will you know how much money you will need to start your idea and avoid half the project due to the lack of resources to maintain it.

Without a doubt, when you have capital problems, the first thing to do is to make money or simplify spending. For that, I give you my e-books: 5 Strategies to Make Extra Money and 101 Ways to Simplify Once you have your flow in control, move on with your project.

5. Check the trends: In these times, fashions are very fleeting so you need to monitor what is happening around you, take advantage of opportunities and fashions to stay on top. Remember, once you run out of real needs, or the trend is over, that customers are consuming your product or service, taking no chances and continuously examining your surroundings to use them to your advantage is unlikely.

6. Innovative: Will your business idea be profitable in 10 years? This is a good question because to stay in the market you need to evolve and adapt to new trends. Analyze whether your company can meet future forecasts. If you don’t, remember that you are in time to reconsider your idea and know its real profitability.

If you consider the pros and cons of starting a business, you can plan your project professionally and avoid its premature death. Remember, the most important thing is to ensure profitability in order to successfully catapult your idea.

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