6 tricks you should know about Zoom

This collaborative remote meeting tool is one of the most downloaded quarantine apps.

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6 tricks you should know about Zoom
6 tricks you should know about Zoom

If you have already been sent to make a home office , surely you have already been asked to have a virtual meeting through Zoom . This is the most widely used app for remote business meetings and one of the best ways I've personally been able to keep your business running. It's easy to use, but there are a few tricks that can make your Zoom experience seamless.

Apply the following tips to help you avoid potential disasters when organizing your first online business meeting.

Meeting ID

Although Zoom allows you to schedule meetings, you may find it easier to use a meeting ID. This ID can be used repeatedly, eliminating the need to set up a new room for each meeting. Team members can save this code as a reference for each scheduled meeting. You can schedule your meeting in your company's calendar and start it without having to schedule it in Zoom.


You can also use a chat feature for instant messaging at the same time that you have video or audio meetings. Messages can be sent to the entire group or privately to an individual. This allows communication to continue without interrupting the speaker.

Chat channels can also be created for use outside of meetings. These can be classified for different groups or purposes and named accordingly. Files, images, and screenshots can be shared here for reference at future meetings or to retrieve something from a previous meeting.

Host controls

Being able to conduct a meeting remotely can be tricky. Zoom provides host controls to help meetings run smoothly. The meeting host has options to control the audio, video, and screen sharing settings of the participants. Participants can alter their own preferences, but it is reassuring for a host to know that they have the ability to manage their group.

If the host chooses to mute all other participants unless prompted, the “raise hand” feature can be implemented. Just like if you were in a boardroom, this button command allows the participant to notify the speaker that they have a question or comment to contribute. This feature avoids unnecessary and distracting interruptions, which can derail or drag a meeting.

Hosts can also enable simultaneous screen sharing.

Share screen simultaneously

Collaborating on a presentation is made easier with Zoom's screen sharing capabilities. The meeting host can allow multiple participants to share their screens depending on the needs of their team. Documents can be compared in real time, presentations can be multi-layered and more. This is the digital equivalent of the distribution of resources in the meeting room.

For a more joyous gathering for team building or morale boosting, consider using screen sharing for icebreaker activities. Ask participants to quickly draw a picture on their computers and compare them to each other in a silly quiz. New members can easily share images from their personal lives so that the rest of the team can get to know them better.

Active speaker view

Zoom video call technology provides active speaker display. Your software detects which user is speaking and changes the screen to your window. This, in theory, allows for a seamless transition between taxpayers. If too many people are talking, it can be quickly disabled by selecting a particular participant to block. Focusing on the host, even when others comment, can create an online atmosphere that seems more similar to a real-life meeting.

For the more daring, the gallery view will let you see up to 25 screens at once, allowing you to see the entire team at once.

Basic plans versus professional plans

Free-to-use zoom tools work very well, with the exception of one caveat. The basic plan only allows meetings of up to 40 minutes. An upgrade to the paid professional plan gives you a 24-hour limit, more than enough, if you plan to need more than the basic plan allows. It is also amazing to manage your business when you do not have Wifi .

If you think you only need 40 minutes or less for your meetings, you won't have to worry about updating your plan. Zoom allows all its users to organize unlimited meetings with up to 100 participants. Other features of the basic plan, as mentioned above, are the local recording of your meetings, the ingenious “hands-up” function, and the simultaneous exchange of screens between the participants.

In addition to extended meeting time allocation, the professional plan also offers 1GB of cloud storage for recording, a personalized personal meeting ID, and additional add-on plans. For larger corporations, business and corporate plans allow for more participants and more hosts.

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