6 toxic beliefs that could ruin your career

Your thoughts play a subtle but powerful role in success: they can stimulate your growth and bring you closer to your goals or stop you.

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6 toxic beliefs that could ruin your career
6 toxic beliefs that could ruin your career

There is nothing wrong with being wrong. What really matters is what you say to yourself after you make a mistake. This conversation with yourself can be negativity or Turn this bad step into something productive.

Negative soliloquy is unrealistic, unnecessary and counterproductive. They send you into an emotional downward spiral that is difficult to get out of.

Every internal dialogue is generated by important beliefs that you have about yourself. It plays a subtle but powerful role in success as it can stimulate your growth and bring you closer to your goals or stop you.

As Henry Ford said: ‚ÄúThere are those who believe that they can and those who believe that they cannot. You are both correct. “

TalentSmart tested the emotional intelligence of more than a million people and found that 90 percent of the top performers had high emotional intelligence (IE). These successful and emotionally intelligent people have one important skill: that of recognize and control negative thoughts so as not to be prevented from realizing their full potential.

On average, successful people earn $ 28,000 more annually than people with lower IE. They also earn more frequent increases and higher scores on performance reviews. The relationship between emotional intelligence and income is so direct that the annual salary is increased by $ 1,300 for each IE point.

When it comes to internal dialogue, we have discovered six shared beliefs (and highly toxic) that prevent people from reaching their full potential. Be aware of your thoughts to avoid falling into them and endangering your profession:

“Perfection is success”

People are inherently fallible. If perfection is your goal, you will have a persistent feeling of failure and spend part of your time complaining about what you couldn’t achieve, rather than enjoying what you could achieve.

“My goal is predetermined”

Many people succumb to the irrational notion that they are destined to succeed or fail. Make no mistake: your fate is in your own hands, and blaming your stumbling blocks or successes for something beyond your control is just an excuse escape your responsibility. Sometimes life will bring you difficult games and sometimes it will make things easier for you. Your attitude towards it will ultimately determine your success or failure.

I do it “always” or “never”

There is nothing in life that you always or never do. You may or may not be able to do something often enough, but formulating your behavior “always” or “never” is a form of self-pity. Makes you believe that you have no control over yourself and that will never change.

“I am successful when others approve of my work”

Regardless of what people think of you, one thing is certain: you are never as good or bad as people say. It is impossible not to react to what others think about you, but you can absorb people’s opinions with a grain of salt. No matter what people believe, your self-esteem will come from you.

My past rules my future

Common mistakes can undermine your trust and affect the belief that you will get better results in the future. Most often, these stumbling blocks result from taking risks and trying to get something that’s not easy. Remember that success depends on your ability Get up from the waterfalls. You have to take risks for everything that is worth being achieved. Don’t let your mistakes stop you from believing in your ability to succeed.

My feelings = reality

When you’ve read about emotional intelligence, you know how important it is to look at your feelings objectively and separate them from fiction. If not, your emotions will continue to distort your view of reality and make you vulnerable to negative discourses that you can prevent Reach your maximum potential.

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