6 tips to identify future traders

The BusinessKids franchise shares some keys to detect small business skills.

Many people do not dare to undertake because they believe that to be able to launch their own business you have to bring some talent from the cradle. The truth is that the skills necessary to launch your own business can be learned, and what better if it is done since childhood .

The BusinessKids program, dedicated to teaching children how to do business, shares some tips to identify the entrepreneurial vocation and maximize the children's business skills.

6 tips to identify future traders
6 tips to identify future traders

1. Toys. A first indicator is the toys they choose and how they interact with them. For example, if a child wins whenever he plays the classic “Tourist”, he could be demonstrating that he understands the importance of concepts such as saving and investment.

2. Television. You can also see what are the favorite programs of the children, as this reflects personality traits. Although at first glance they can look very similar to each other, each program or cartoon has different types of characters with specific psychology and characteristics with which children identify.

3. Shopping. You have to observe the behavior of a child in a store or supermarket. Letting children participate in household purchases or giving them the opportunity to pay for a candy or toy teaches them the value of money and how to manage it. Thus, when reaching a certain age, cash management does not become a problem, the little ones will know how to organize their money inflows and outflows.

4. Extracurricular activities. Regardless of whether they are sporting, artistic or academic, it is essential to emphasize which children enjoy most and can help them develop new skills .

5. School. It should be noted what are the easiest and most difficult subjects for each child, their performance in teamwork or the handling of authority figures. This shows how they develop feelings of leadership, companionship or frustration that prepare them for real life.

6. Competencies. Finally, the behavior of children in situations such as sports or school competitions can demonstrate from their initiative and perseverance in achieving objectives, to their levels of responsibility and commitment to achieve a common goal. Skills all necessary to face difficulties when setting up a business.

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