6 things you do in the office that could ruin your health

You work in an office? Get rid of these bad habits before your health is seriously affected.

We spent almost half the day in an office . And, paradoxically, it is in this place where we adopt the least healthy habits : eating poorly, moving a little , distressing a lot … Is it possible to reverse this trend? Of course. While there are some things that we cannot avoid – such as stressing ourselves from time to time – there are many others that we can stop doing to ensure that our workday is much more beneficial to our health. Take note!

Eat junk snacks

It happens to all of us: in a hurry to solve thousands of tasks, we spend long hours without eating or – worse yet – we satisfy our appetite with a bag of potatoes, some chocolates or some unhealthy cookies. If this happened from time to time there would be no problem, but this happens day after day, week after week, year after year … The consequences of eating junk food are often overweight, risk of diabetes, inability to concentrate and anxiety , among many others.

Do not stop from your place

6 things you do in the office that could ruin your health
6 things you do in the office that could ruin your health

One of the worst habits we adopt who work in an office is to remain long hours sitting behind a desk. Lack of mobility has endless negative health consequences: weight gain, muscle stiffness, constipation, urinary infections … Do you need more reasons to stretch and walk at least once an hour?

Not drinking enough water

Let us guess: as you are very busy, it is easy for you to forget to drink water and spend hours without trying a single drop. Well, this affects you much more than you think: drinking little water causes serious kidney problems , promotes migraines and slows your metabolism, among many other things. Be sure to drink at least 8 glasses a day.

Eat at your desk

How we eat is almost as important as what we eat. When you walk away from your desk (even for a few minutes) and talk with more people, your brain rests, your thoughts clear and recharge energy, so you return to your workplace feeling more relaxed and being more productive. On the contrary, eating at your desk borders you to eat in a hurry, without enjoying your food and without giving your brain a well-deserved rest.

Stay longer in the office

No one doubts it, you have a thousand earrings on top. But staying longer in the office will not lighten your workload (sorry to disappoint you, but the work never ends!). On the contrary, working in excess and relegating your free time will only make you feel much more overwhelmed, less happy with your work and, of course, less productive.

Drink more than 5 cups of coffee a day

Are you one of those people who drink up to five cups of coffee a day? You could be seriously damaging your health. While it is true that coffee keeps you awake, it improves your memory and your cognitive functions, it is also true that in very high doses it produces excitement, anxiety, insomnia, gastritis and other disorders. Follow the advice of experts and avoid drinking more than four cups a day.

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