6 strategies for early risers

To achieve a goal, e.g. For example, running a business, writing a novel, or starting an exercise routine, turn to experts productivity They always suggest getting up early. You can get many things done in a quiet home without being distracted or interrupted. While this sounds like advice, it is easier said than done.

“Even if you think that getting up early is a question of disciplineIt’s actually much more than that, ”says Julie Morgenstern, time management expert and author of Never check your email in the morning. “The truth is, your entire ecosystem is built around the idea of ​​falling asleep later.”

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6 strategies for early risers
6 strategies for early risers

If you try to change yours Morning routinevarious obstacles will come in your way. You can get over them, but the key is to start the night before. Morgenstern offers six strategies for getting up early:

1. Change your mindset. Many people refuse to sleep because they want to do more. But Morgenstern teaches its customers to think differently.

“Think of sleeping as the start of the next day,” he says. Adding this change in mindset can change the way you see the dream and make it exciting. Sleep becomes an active element, you recharge your batteries.

2. Adjust your sleep schedule. Many of us lack sleep, and if we steal another hour of sleep we will only be doomed to failure. The only way to be successful is to go to bed early. Determine how many hours of Interruption Your body needs and counts down from there.

“Getting up early requires a fundamental change in neurological pathways,” says Morgenstern. “While the change makes sense to you the day before, it’s difficult to make the next day and you have to break a lot of patterns.”

“Getting up early requires a fundamental change in neurological pathways,” says Morgenstern / Image: Depositphotos.com

3. Adjust other activities during the night. You will also need to change the time it takes to have dinner, as well as the post-meal activities.

You are not realistic If you say you will get up early, then you are not preparing everything else for your day. Eat dinner two or three hours before bed, this is the best way to fall asleep and rest.

4. Prepare for your morning activities. Sometimes tiredness doesn’t keep us in bed, but what we have to do in the morning is overwhelming.

To make these activities less daunting, get ready the night before and organize your things. Attach your sportswear, yoga mat, or running shoes when you’re ready to work out. When you’re ready to work on your computer, clean up your office and turn on the coffee maker.

“Starting something new can be difficult,” says Morgenstern. “Take the time to prepare and you will increase your chances of success.”

5. Switch off the electronics. Turn off the TV at least 90 minutes before bed and stop reading your email and social media.

“Science says this is a source of energy and stimulates us excessivelyIt’s like having a Red Bull before going to bed, you can’t sleep, ”says Morgenstern.
She suggests replacing it with something relaxing, like listening to music, drawing, or preparing food for the next day.

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6. Create a bedtime routine. Allow yourself some rest and time for it. For example, do a ritual to check windows and locks. Turn off the lights and stretch or take a walk.

This routine will help you sleep faster and easier, and will also increase your chances of getting up in the morning.

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