6 steps to get you started

Opening a new store is not a structured process. It takes a lot of learning and with all my heart.

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6 steps to get you started
6 steps to get you started

I think he ship It is not something that can be learned at school, despite the increase in educational institutions that offer more courses on the subject. Of course, you can learn the basics, but the rules of thumb for success change too quickly, and schools can’t keep up. The best thing you can do at school is to learn how to learn.

The successful entrepreneurs What I have known over the years seems to share a passion for learning and do not believe that the rapid changes that are taking place in the market are a problem. Indeed, they see it as an opportunity to stand out. In general, it’s not their only goal to make big sums of money, and they can be happy to eat instant soups while still doing what they love.

Here I leave you six steps that every entrepreneur has to follow if they want to learn to drive a Beginning.

1. Listen to the experiences of your colleagues
This is commonly referred to as a network. I’ve seen aspiring entrepreneurs like to talk a lot about their latest projects but don’t know how to listen. Remember that if you only speak, you won’t learn anything from us. Successful entrepreneurs love to share. Seize it.

2. Examine current success stories
The internet is better than any university or bookstore for research, as it is constantly changing to keep up to date. Spend some time in your day reading blogs or industry forums that interest you, meeting important people, cultivating contacts, and even meeting influential people online for your business.

3. Find a mentor and friend
A mentor is a person who tells you something YOU HAVE to hear while a friend will tell you what YOU WANT TO Listen. As an entrepreneur, you need both numbers and the ability to differentiate them. I have seen that all entrepreneurs benefit from having a person with whom they can “exchange” their ideas, since different perspectives offer great added value.

4. Don’t miss any new learning opportunities
This includes classes at school that focus on specific case studies or teamwork exercises, but also extends to seminars and work experience.

5. Volunteering in organizations that relate to your interests
There is no better way to broaden your horizons and understand the reality of the world than to work in an environment where you have the right motivations. You can have real leadership experiences without having to worry about paying.

6. Start your own small business
Thanks to new technologies, it has never been easier to start your own company. It is therefore advisable to start with a small project in order to gain experience as an entrepreneur with an easy-to-manage company, before you go completely into a larger company.

I understand that independent learning is not for everyone and starting an innovative new company is not a structured process. If you plan to become an entrepreneur to make money quickly or to escape the pressure of an office job, think twice. There is no substitute for doing what you love and loving what you do.

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