6 reasons Bitcoin will price $ 90,000 in 2021

Call us crazy, but bitcoin is likely to exceed $ 70,000, which is around 1.4 million Mexican pesos.

As crazy as it may seem, especially when we watch the meteoric rise of the Bitcoin (BTC) last year we believe there are very strong reasons for that The cryptocurrency exceeds USD 60,000 and USD 70,000, in his Road to 80,000. The central argument is that increasing use of bitcoin, it is Hash rate growing and the Decline in supply, But there is more. The Bitcoin It’s spreading like wildfire in the economy and is about to see an exponential surge in demand. We thought it was crazy when Bitcoin was headed for $ 59,000 and now we’re looking at what it does.

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6 reasons Bitcoin will price $ 90,000 in 2021
6 reasons Bitcoin will price $ 90,000 in 2021

1) Goldman Sachs is now offering cryptocurrencies

The investment bank Goldman Sachs announced that it would begin the offer Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to customers with high purchasing power in the second quarter of the year. While it’s not limited to BitcoinThe news is a boost for both this and the cryptocurrency market as a whole. Goldman Sachs is now the second major Wall Street bank to be offered digital assets and it probably won’t be the last. With more than $ 1.8 trillion in assets under management, it wouldn’t be difficult for Goldman Sachs to move the Bitcoin market on its own.

2) Paypal is starting to accept Payments with Cryptocurrencies

PayPal appeared on the cryptocurrency scene last year when it started to make it easy to hold Bitcoin, ether and other major currencies. Now the company is capitalizing on its impact on the market by allowing customers to use cryptocurrencies to pay for services. Now the Option to pay with cryptocurrencies ((Checkout with crypto) will automatically appear for those who have digital assets. The service automatically converts the digital currency to the fiat currency at the checkout. This is the simplest and most conventional method that we know of for using Bitcoin. PayPal has more than 300 million customers Y. 20 million accounts active advertising.

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3) CME Group starts mIni futures from Bitcoin

The CME Group will start until the official approval Bitcoin mini futures. The new contract will be worth it one tenth of a bitcoinand will enable institutions and Dealers another method for Protect your cryptocurrency wallets and benefit from short-term price movements. The bottom line for us is that there is enough demand for the product to fuel the movement.

“Since the start of our Bitcoin futures contract in 2017, we have seen steady and continuous growth in the liquidity and market share of our crypto derivatives, particularly among institutional traders.”said Tim McCourt, global head of equity index and alternative investment products for CME Group. “The introduction of Bitcoin Micro-Futures is a direct response to that Demand for smaller contracts from a large number of customers and offers even more choice and precision on how participants can trade regulated Bitcoin futures with the CME Group transparently and efficiently. “.

4) Chipotle Mexican Grill is giving away Bitcoin

The Tex-Mex restaurant Chipotle Mexican Grill welcomes you Bitcoin as a way to connect with your younger clientele. The company recently launched its game “Burritos or Bitcoin” and will be giving away up to $ 100,000 in this cryptocurrency (approximately 2 million Mexican pesos) with 3 grand prize winners of $ 25,000 (500,000 MXN). Other winners get burritos, but that’s not the point. The point is that Bitcoin It attracts the attention of businesses and investors at all levels and is seen as a means of attracting businesses.

5) Mogo Inc. launched the Bitcoin Cashback mortgage

Mogo Inc. is a Fintech Canadians very involved with that Bitcoin. The company already supports buying and selling cryptocurrencies, as well as a repayment feature that now applies to mortgages. The new offering brings up to $ 3,100 in an account of Bitcoin rewards for those who use the application to get a mortgage. The main attraction for Mogo users is that Bitcoin rewards have tangible value that goes beyond the Mogo app and can increase in value over time.

6) Bitcoin market technical analysis is optimistic

Bitcoin It may be nearing the top, but we don’t think it’s still there. In our opinion, the past few months have put a bullish flag on the weekly chart that could lead to this BTC / USD until 90,000 in a short time. Assuming we’re right, and Bitcoin confirms this pattern, the flagpole is no less than $ 30,000 $ 90,000.

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