6 rare qualities of successful entrepreneurs

Believe it or not, not knowing what you are doing can be a positive quality when you decide to start the first time.

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There are thousands of books and discussions that talk about the characteristics and skills necessary for an entrepreneur to become a successful person . What is almost never considered in these articles are those strange, different and unconventional qualities that are present in the leaders of the most prosperous companies.

6 rare qualities of successful entrepreneurs
6 rare qualities of successful entrepreneurs

There are six basic elements to these rare features:

1. Not knowing is essential

Experience and knowledge are important to running a business, but naivety can be your best friend when you are starting.

The most successful entrepreneurs would never have started on their path had they known how long and difficult the process was going to be. Building a business requires a certain level of ignorance when starting up.

This element is unique to first-time entrepreneurs and gives them a kind of mental freedom that can never be repeated. Do not think that “not knowing” how to run a business is a negative element. Better, consider that this is your opportunity to experience the process for the first time.

Taking calculated risks is essential to launch a new business. If you spend your time imagining the worst possible scenario, you risk never making significant progress by being paralyzed by fear.

2. Start small but do great things

Knowing that your business is improving the lives of others can give you the motivation to succeed. No matter what the size of your client base – 10 or 10 thousand people – leaving a positive impact through your services will boost the happiness you get from your daily work.

For many entrepreneurs, the moment they realize they are changing the world – albeit on a very small scale – is a point of no return.

Brennan Dunn of the Double Your Freelancing entrepreneurship site told me that once she noticed that her company's services made a difference in the community, she knew that all of her effort and hard work had paid off.

It is not about creating a billion dollar business, but about changing the lives of people who come into contact with your company.

3. Check your email while you are still in bed

We tend to assume that successful people follow all the productivity tips offered by business consultants, coaches, and gurus.

In my experience interviewing more than 100 entrepreneurs, I have found that those who are truly successful have a unique routine that works for them. Beyond that, these people are sure that they know each other well and act according to what gives them results.

The fact is, even though many say it's not good to check your email when you're in bed, we all have. The fact of opening your email account when you are in pajamas is not what prevents you from having a good business, it is the fact of doing it even when you think you shouldn't.

To be successful you need to trust yourself and find out what works for you, no matter what advice others want to force you to take. Give yourself permission to check your email when you wake up.

4. Uncertainty is certainty

We are all born with a specific level of tolerance to uncertainty, but it is a “muscle” that grows stronger the more you use it. No matter what your current tolerance level is, you can always overcome the anxiety that insecurity generates in you. Your business depends on you being able to do it.

Uncertainty can excite you and make you jump out of bed in the morning to see what will happen in the day. It is what puts people on the move and on the same trajectory as other entrepreneurs who are doing wonderful things. That lack of certainty is necessary because we don't always know what we need to do next, and that's fine.

If you do not know for sure what the near future holds for you, then you will not be able to take the necessary steps to take the risk of undertaking. We may not always know what is going to happen, but we must continue to take steps into the unknown to find out.

5. To err is not a cataclysm

You are going to have to change the way you see mistakes if each step you take sends you into an abyss of doubts.

Success rarely happens in a straight line. We've all made wrong turns or made mistakes, so when it inevitably happens again, you must be prepared to fully accept it, “shake off” the mistake, and keep moving forward.

Taking ownership of everything that goes wrong in your business is essential to the learning and growth process. Once you have accepted your responsibility for what happened, you should avoid it becoming a statement of your value. Go ahead with confidence, knowing that you can and will do better next time because you have already learned from your experience.

6. Work for months

Nothing worthwhile happens right away, and waiting for success to happen overnight can keep you from achieving your goals. This has been the cause of the failure of many “almost entrepreneurs” who could have transformed the world.

Thousands of people have fallen into the false belief that they will achieve success immediately and when, evidently, this does not happen, they give up and start doing something else. It is not that the entrepreneur is a failure, it is just that he should think in the longer term.

You need to plan for the future and make a work strategy that has goals per month. Thus, you eliminate the temptation to surrender to the first setback. Remember that the more difficult the obstacle to overcome, the greater the satisfaction you will get when you overcome it.

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