6 online marketing courses to quarantine

It is the best time to learn something new.

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6 online marketing courses to quarantine
6 online marketing courses to quarantine

Something more and more common in marketing circles that I frequent is that people have less time to learn new skills: work, work commitments, difficulty to move and even high costs prevent us from finding attractive courses.

However, we are currently passing a moment of globalized social isolation . That is why an ideal option to spend these days are online courses, in which we can dedicate the time we have available, resume classes whenever we want, taught by specialists in the subject and at affordable prices.

Where to start? Here I recommend seven online courses with which you can improve your marketing skills to take advantage of the pandemic and learn new tools.

Google Digital Garage offers this comprehensive course developed in conjunction with the IAB in which you can learn the basics of digital marketing: SEO principles, SEM, content and advertising according to the type of business you have supported by cases of entrepreneurs from all Latin America. Includes certificate with curricular value.

  • Price : Free

The popular platform for programs and publishing content on networks launched Hootsuite Academy to help learn both the use of the platform and the most effective strategies for integrating them into the marketing strategy. It has two certificates that you can obtain through its courses.

  • Prices: $ 49 (Hootsuite Platform) and $ 99 (social media marketing)

Lucía Zamora has taught this course for companies in several countries and now takes it to the online environment so that you know the fundamentals of telling a good story, tips to build it, the creative process that leads to structuring an attractive narrative and success stories of brands global.

  • Price : 370 pesos

We seldom give the necessary weight to the elements of our voice such as modulation, tone, diction, articulation, pauses and intention to close a sale, give conferences or win clients. Mario Arvizu is a commercial announcer, radio and voice actor with more than 30 years of experience and will take you on the path from knowing your own voice to educating it so that you communicate better and make it a powerful tool.

  • Price: 399 pesos

Ju Lee is creative director for Facebook and Instagram and knows that routine can be the greatest enemy of creativity. In this course, he proposes various exercises to keep creativity exercised and launch projects that awaken and fuel our desire to create that can become entrepreneurial ideas.

  • Price: 249 pesos

E-commerce can be the key for a company to survive by making its products reach more people. In this course taught by Rocío Carvajal, founder of Maker, London e-commerce and digital marketing agency, you will learn the basics of selling online and at the end of the course have your online store operating on Shopify, the leading platform.

  • Price: 359 pesos

As you can see, there are no excuses for not learning something new, so take advantage of these weeks to renew yourself.

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