6 Latin American startups among the finalists of the Madrid South Summit

The 2020 edition of the meeting will be omnichannel and operated by IE University. It will take place in Madrid from October 6th to 8th.

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6 Latin American startups among the finalists of the Madrid South Summit
6 Latin American startups among the finalists of the Madrid South Summit

The South Summit ship Meeting announced the 100 finalist startups Startup competition that will participate in its 2020 edition, supported by IE University taking place in Madrid from October 6th to 8th.

This year’s edition of the competition includes an omnichannel concept due to the global health emergency due to the SARSCov2 coronavirus, making this meeting 100 times more open, innovative, global and transversal.

The South Summit finalists will introduce their projects to key stakeholders in the participating ecosystem, accessing companies and investors to seek innovation and business opportunities, as well as world leaders in the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

This year’s Latin American finalists are:


  • Nilus social impact is a food distribution channel for low income people. The real-time rescue technology enables access to fresh products that have left the commercial cycle.


  • Blox proposes a radically new approach to how higher education institutions could function to give students more freedom to personalize their own learning and better meet the demands of a fast-paced and ever-changing job market.
  • Biosolvite is a biotechnology startup focused on the conservation of flora and oceans through the use of a product that absorbs oil and its derivatives and enables the reuse of absorbed oil.


  • Polyglot offers a new way to learn a new language that focuses on practice both online and face-to-face, is conversational and guided by experienced teachers.
  • Chatigo is an integrated, controlled and efficient omnichannel SaaS platform that enhances the customer experience through human care and AI applied to chatbots using natural language and semantic analysis.


  • TOMi is an online subscription that includes a free device that allows teachers to deliver interactive and gamified classroom content, even in classrooms with little or no connection.

The 100 finalist startups were selected by a committee of renowned investors and innovation experts based on criteria such as the degree of innovation of the project, the investment potential it can generate as well as its scalability or internal growth ability and the team of professionals that make up it .

With regard to their level of development, almost 4 out of 10 start-up finalists at the 2020 South Summit are in the “early” phase, 34% have already reached the “growth level”, 29% are in the “seed” phase (seed)) and only 1% in “Concept”. In addition, 74% of these startups already generate income from their business.

The 100 finalist startups were selected from the 3,800 projects submitted for this edition’s startup competition, including 75% of startups of international origin from 121 countries.

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