6 keys to create and enhance your entrepreneur profile on LinkedIn

You are the face of your venture. It is essential to convey credibility, consistency and security.

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6 keys to create and enhance your entrepreneur profile on LinkedIn
6 keys to create and enhance your entrepreneur profile on LinkedIn

We are what we say and do. Words express your thinking, purpose and values. The action confirms who you are and strengthens your image before people.

Designing your profile on LinkedIn is more than an image and biography. It's about creating, connecting, chatting and establishing ties that boost your personal brand as an entrepreneur.

LinkedIn, with 675 million users, is the best platform to achieve these goals because unlike Facebook and Instagram , it generates a powerful person – project symbiosis. It is a professional network that allows you to project your personal brand and gain confidence which will be extensive to your venture.

They will also know who you are, your values, principles and the purpose of the project you lead. This will allow a closer connection to be established. It is no use having talent if you do not make it visible and attract the attention of prospects from clients and investors.

You are the face of your venture. It is essential to convey credibility, coherence, security and build a transparent discourse that builds trust .

According to a study of, where 35 thousand people worldwide participated, 66% said they buy brands that do what they say; They keep their promises. It is not a minor fact, if the founder of an SME is committed to his words, and honors them, he will generate great empathy and can turn users into customers.

Why LinkedIn?

Many think that LinkedIn is only for job search, and they forget that it is a professional, business and networking network. A key platform to attract customers and generate strategic alliances.

From your profile as an entrepreneur you can connect with colleagues, suppliers, find employees for your SME and connect with other companies to sell your service or product.

Unlike other tools, on LinkedIn you segment your contacts by profession or trade, interests, companies and universities, which allows you to create and manage a precise contact base focused on your goals as an entrepreneur.

In 2018, the company activated new tools to improve and increase interactions with five types of reactions, tagging of photos and videos, recognition, offline events and new features in direct messages.

8 steps to boost your entrepreneurial profile

Create a good profile

This step is key because it is the first thing people will read when connecting to your profile. Choose a good photograph with eye contact, take care of the background of the image, do not use selfi, take an American plane, choose the appropriate clothing and offer a correct facial expression.

In the description do not put the degree or academic degree, instead the name of your venture and the areas of interest.

Remember to edit the url of your biography and write it as you want to appear. Then you can place it on your business card.

The extract is the summary of your profile . You must describe why you do what you do and your value proposition. What you will offer to the people and companies of your community. Use the keywords and tags to position your name and the project.

Highlight your experience with a good summary of professional and entrepreneurial trajectory. Highlight the achievements in the companies and projects in which you worked.

In the academic area your studies and complementary courses. In addition to the language and other data that you consider of interest.


It is not enough to have a good profile, you must give visibility to connect with people and companies. Invite professionals who align with your values ​​and interests and start interacting. It is a slow process but that yields good fruits.

Remember, it is a network not a monologue so it is essential to interact, comment and share the contents of your community. In this way, you break the ice and take another step to get to know people and start exchanging opinions and possibilities of alliances.

How many times should I post on LinkedIn? At least once a week, and if they are two or three posts much better, because they will help you make your profile visible and attract more people with similar interests.

Create original content

With the “Article” tool you can write your own texts that will help you increase the credibility and expertise around your personal brand.

Thanks to this format you can expose your knowledge, experience, ideas and proposals in your sector. This will strengthen your profile and increase the value of your entrepreneurial brand.

In the same way you can write shorter texts in the “Publications” option on the latest news of the sector, trends and analysis that are relevant to your niche. Remember to use the keywords for SEO positioning and in the end place a link to your website or social networks, so your possible contacts can locate you better.

You can share content from other sources and write a short presentation. The formats of links, video, document and images are very powerful to generate engagement.

Plan an editorial calendar

Constancy is vital for your personal brand as an entrepreneur. Create a calendar of publications with the topics you want to address, define the days and frequency.

This will allow research on the topics, choose the formats and develop the content. In this way, your community will be watching the days you publish and you will get more interaction.

Remember the formula 80% value content and 20% promotional content about what you do.

Participate in the groups

The first source of contacts, information and netwoking on LinkedIn are the groups. They allow you to meet and interact with people with the same interests.

In these groups, talks, events, information about suppliers and others are planned. You can interact with people directly, and present your project.

If you want to focus on your niche, you can publish your content only in the groups to which you belong. This will help to stand out from the rest of the members, and excel in your sector of interest.

Talk offline

It is not enough to have contacts and interact. The challenge is to move to the offline world and share with people to strengthen alliances.

To start and scale your SME you will need a network of contacts in which to support you to access resources, information, events, training and investors.

Do not settle for accumulating business cards, it is not about filling an album, but cultivating relationships that open more doors for you, and establishing more and better alliances always with the aim of winning – winning.

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