6 free training opportunities with international mentors in the fields of innovation, entrepreneurship and business

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  • A mentor will help you gain confidence, make more informed decisions, and see all the pros and cons more clearly.
6 free training opportunities with international mentors in the fields of innovation, entrepreneurship and business
6 free training opportunities with international mentors in the fields of innovation, entrepreneurship and business

Successful entrepreneurs don’t happen overnight. It takes years of effort, trial and error, to gather all the experience and knowledge that got them where they are today.

At some point they found themselves in the same place that you probably don’t know how to deal with difficulty and envision the place they would like to be.

Just like in life, when we commit, making mistakes strengthens our learning process and allows us to gain new experiences. But if we fail big from the start, would we have the same desire and resources to keep going with the same passion?

Every company is surrounded by moments of uncertainty, others by great illusion, a mixture of doubts and emotions that cannot be explained with words.

It certainly happened to you that you felt confident, positive, and even more productive when things were going well. But do you remember how you felt when a project or business idea didn’t go as expected? If you haven’t had this experience before, look for people who “have had this experience” as they provide one of your most important resources: mentoring.

Now you are wondering what exactly is a mentor?


A mentor is not just a professional who passes on his knowledge and experience on a particular topic, but also someone who has an intuition that has been perfected over many years. They can help you solve problems, avoid common mistakes, give you good advice, and reach your full potential.

A mentor can be the guide you need to clarify the path you are following and become your best ally to grow professionally.

How does a mentor help you in the short and long term?

It will help you:

  • Create different scenarios to test your ideas and business plans.

  • To gain more trust, make more informed decisions, and see all the pros and cons more clearly.

  • Find out more about the subjects you are inexperienced in.

  • Accelerate your learning process and grow your business.

Alex Torrenegra, accelerator CEO Torrenegra Accelerate, and one of the investors in Shark Tank Colombia told us in an interview with Innovation Hub Consulting about the most important resource that entrepreneurs are looking for in Shark Tank. “Most entrepreneurs believe that the solution to starting their startup is to raise capital and get funding. In reality, however, they need mentoring to scale their ventures.”

As you will see, this is a common problem for many entrepreneurs taking their first steps on the long road to entrepreneurship.

Where can you find good mentors?

Photo: Ali Hajian via Unsplash

Next, I present a compilation of the main programs and platforms that offer mentoring and training for free in Latin America.

1. Make an effort

Endeavor is a global organization with a presence in 37 international markets. To date, the company has selected and supported more than 2,000 high profile global entrepreneurs and helped them fuel their long-term growth through a free network of 3,200 global mentors.

Endeavor identifies entrepreneurs who run highly influential companies and helps them maximize their potential through a broad network of mentors and allies. In order to be part of this network, you must meet a number of selection criteria, which are validated at various stages as part of a rigorous process. To apply to Endeavor, you will need to enter the link below. Once selected, you will have access to strategic mentoring and exclusive premium services.

2. Women in technology

Women in Tech is a global non-profit movement with a presence on 5 continents. It encourages closing gender gaps in STEM areas – science, technology, entrepreneurship, engineering, finance, and the like. It empowers women through the transfer of knowledge, education and support with the introduction of new technologies.

The aim is to empower one million women by 2030 so that this movement gives them open opportunities to acquire new technological skills.

If you’d like access to free education through training programs in a variety of disciplines such as bootcamp programming, web development, and new digital skills, register here. In this way you become part of a global movement that offers you a wide range of scholarships, mentoring, keynotes, international forums, workshops, monthly global events, networking spaces and a job bank to locate you in international markets.

3. ConnectAmericas

ConnectAméricas is an initiative of the Inter-American Development Bank with support from Google, DHL, Visa and Alibaba. It is the first corporate social network in America dedicated to promoting foreign trade and international investment.

If you want to strengthen your business, have contact with potential customers, suppliers and investors in the region and around the world, come here. This will give you access to information on procedures and regulations for international trade and to familiarize yourself with the various funding options available in the IDB member countries.

In addition, you can strengthen your business skills, consolidate your foreign trade knowledge, access a variety of free online courses, webinars, articles, guides, and stories from entrepreneurs, and stay up to date with the latest business trends.


WISE is an initiative developed by the Inter-American Development Bank’s laboratory – BID LAB, the World Investment Fund, and the IAE Business School. I currently offer mentoring in marketing, innovation and entrepreneurship topics.

WISE wants to promote greater integration of women in the face of innovative and effective projects. If your business is run by women and you want to increase your productivity, get access to finance and fuel your business development and growth, WISE is a great alternative for you!

To apply, you must live in Peru, Argentina, Ecuador or Colombia and register here. How to access the WISE Latin America program, where you can upload your project through this link, interact with entrepreneurs, mentors and investors, as well as various actors in the entrepreneurial and innovative ecosystem to bring your project to the world.

5. Wexchange

Wexchange connects businesswomen from Latin America and the Caribbean with leading mentors and investors. If you are an entrepreneur in STEM fields and want to expand your network of contacts, receive personalized mentoring, take part in practical training, develop your growth potential and take part in the pitch competition that rewards the most dynamic and innovative entrepreneurs. from Latin America enter here.

This gives you the opportunity to take part in the annual WeXchange forum, attend international meetings and take part in training courses with world leaders.


ASELA is the largest network of entrepreneurs in Latin America. It brings together more than 110,000 business women and men in all member countries and offers them training, mentoring and free legal advice. Here you can access all activities, studies, publications and mentoring for free

If you live in Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Colombia, Guatemala, Paraguay, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Honduras or Miami, ASELA is a very good alternative for you!

In addition to all of these options, you can access free mentoring worldwide on the following platforms: MentorCity, Mentor Search, Volunteer Match, 10XFactory, Mogul, MentorNet and SCORE.

Mentoring, an invaluable resource now available to you

Photo: Doran Erickson via Unsplash

As you will see, there is no geographic restriction preventing you from doing so. You decide which training and mentoring program best suits your needs and expectations. From anywhere, you can get in touch with executives from different countries who are ready to help you grow professionally.

ship is a challenge, we know it. Having a mentor and getting funding can accelerate your growth, but it’s not the only thing you need.

In addition to mentoring, you need to consider many other factors. In the article “What do you need to be a successful digital entrepreneur?“” I’m sharing 9 practical steps and actionable tips to help you succeed on your entrepreneurship journey.

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