6 concepts to eliminate in your vocabulary

The language we use reflects our thoughts. Change your negative mindset and reflect a winning attitude.

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It is no secret that words have a certain power . For example, you wouldn't say to a potential seller, “I'm not hiring you because your product sucks,” instead you might say, “I don't think your offer will be helpful to us at the moment.” There is a big difference in the first option and the second, also each person listens to it differently and as decent and professional human beings, we are sensitive to that.

6 concepts to eliminate in your vocabulary
6 concepts to eliminate in your vocabulary

Why do we use harmful words when we talk about our own ability or our willingness to do what we can to achieve our goals? When we talk about ourselves, we tend to use words that diminish our ability and belief in our abilities.

The impact that these words have on the trust that others have for us is bad enough. It is worse that they affect the decisions we make and the actions we take.

The words we use, even if they are only in our heads, says a lot about our attitude and our attitude is everything. In business, there are some things that seem to be out of our control, like waiting for a potential client to hire us or for our bosses to finally give us that well-deserved promotion.

But we cannot control the words we use, both spoken and thought, and also control our attitude. If the words you use have a negative or limiting connotation , even if your attitude is positive, those negative words can change your attitude in an adverse way.

Beware of these words:

I should, I shouldn't. People are always telling us what we should and should not do and we usually do the same. The reality is that there is nothing you should or should not do. What matters is doing what is right and what you are willing or want to do. When they tell you this you are making a value judgment, but that does not always mean that you are making the right decision.

I have to. Let's clarify something, there are very few things you have to do in life and breathing is one of them. Whatever you do because you have to, is nothing more than your choice, because the alternative or the repercussions are not worth not doing.

I can, I can't. You can? Well. But the question is, will you? The word power is harmless, but it actually has a negative connotation. Pick something to say you can. Maybe it's “I can convince that customer” or “I can get financing for my company.” Now change the “I can” to “I will”. Some say it is a matter of semantics but there is a big difference in how you think about the situation when you say I will do it against I can do it. I can is not final, but a possibility without action. There is nothing in power that says you will.

“I can't” on the other hand is a way to run away . When you say this, you think you are claiming that there is no way or that you are not capable. You are wrong. What you really say is “I will not.” Accept that and stop Say you can't do something because you can actually do whatever you want and you will do as you please.

Impossible. Can you imagine what would have happened if Gustave Whitehead or the Wright brothers had said that flying was impossible? Once you convince yourself that something is possible, the rest is about finding a way and taking action. You may fail many times before you find success, but saying something is impossible is silly. There must be at least a small part of you that believes it is possible before making something happen.

If you want to get out of your own way and not cling to anything from the past, take action today . Start by realizing how often these words seep into your thoughts and talks. Consider if what you say with these words is the truth or not. Pay attention and find other ways to think or say what you really want.

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