5 ways to use the color of the year 2020, the Classic Blue, in your business

The color chosen by the Pantone Color Institute for this 2020 was the Pantone 19-4052 because many of us feel continuously stressed.

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5 ways to use the color of the year 2020, the Classic Blue, in your business
5 ways to use the color of the year 2020, the Classic Blue, in your business

Every year the company forecasts global trends in color issues and advises companies on corporate identity .

Since Pantone began choosing the color of the year in 2000, different theories of how this decision that marks the year in the design industry have been developed. To choose the color of the year, the Institute carries out an arduous task of research and observation, which not only focuses on art, design, cinema or fashion. What it really does is something that is known as Coolhunting or trend hunting , since it focuses on the analysis of political movements, social and global events that mark macro trends that are later reflected in everything we consume. Therefore, determining the color of a year is a process of deep observation that can only be carried out by those who know and have been immersed for years in trend research or otherwise called a coolhunter .

As you know, the color chosen by the Pantone Color Institute for this 2020 is the Classic Blue () because many of us feel continuously stressed due to our lifestyles and eager for the future. Therefore, it is not expected that well-being and the emphasis on personal care that keeps us healthy have become a major focus.

The Classic Blue or Classic Blue color aims to be a reassuring, compassionate, comforting tone that instills calm and confidence. A color that gives us peace and tranquility.

Classic Blue applications in your business can be endless. Think of it in a way that you can hear, smell, taste or even feel.

So here we present five ways to use Classic Blue in your business:

1. Sustainable products

In our search to reduce the environmental impact, materials and products that are organic, unprocessed or recycled are increasingly demanded. Classic Blue plays with the consumer's desire for natural ingredients and sustainability. Its indigo tone aligns very well with this movement and is ideal for use in environmentally friendly materials.

2. Classic Blue in graphic design

Being a color that expresses friendship, harmony, serenity and optimism, the Classic Blue is an ideal shade to make it a visually reliable resource. An application in which it can be used is in product packaging, where the message of honesty and credibility is reflected, to which today's consumers can respond and connect.

3. Food and drinks

Blue foods and drinks are rich in anthocyanins, which provide various antioxidant properties and are protective of our cardiovascular system. Think of dishes that you can serve with blackberries, blackberries, figs or black grapes, and if you get creative, you can look very elegant in mixology and even in pastry as in some rich French macaroni.

4. Classic Blue in your office

If you think of a space where you want to reflect confidence and serenity to your customers, the Classic Blue is ideal to combine it with white and the range of neutral tones (beige, gray, brown) that will also help you with concentration and tranquility. In addition, you can choose pieces of furniture, such as a sofa or chairs to enhance the focal point of a space.

5. Classic Blue on social networks

The Pantone color of the year 2020, already floods social networks, especially Instagram and Pinterest for its completely visual character.

Take the test, inspire your followers of your applications of this tone in your restaurant, office, packaging, advertising campaigns and do not forget to use the hashtag #classicblue on Instagram to get more people to be inspired by your creations.

Now that you know how the color of the year is chosen, which is basically thanks to research and observation methodologies such as Coolhunting , and its different applications, what else do you think of?

Do not forget to follow the global trends that arise this year, in order to predict the color 2021, as an expert of the Pantone Color Institute.

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