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5 ways to treat your customers as if they were VIP and give them moments that make them say WOW!

February 19, 2020

Learn to give more than your customers expect and you will earn them while creating a very loyal fan base.

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5 ways to treat your customers as if they were VIP and give them moments that make them say WOW!5 ways to treat your customers as if they were VIP and give them moments that make them say WOW!

The following is an excerpt from the book Success Is Easy, by Debbie Allen. .

Customers expect good service , but what would happen if you impress them with exceptional service, going far beyond what they expect? This white glove service will make your customers come back and become brazen fans of your brand, for a lifetime.

To create those moments when they say “wow,” you need to make them feel they are the most important thing in the world. Let them know that you will do the impossible to improve your day. It is about the overall user experience, and the details that are in the process.

Think about the last time you experienced a “wow” moment in a business, something that would really impress you. You probably bought more things or did more business and recommended it to your friends and colleagues.

The following are five ways in which you can impress each client, going beyond their expectations and offering them unexpected value, at no extra cost.

1. Do what you said you were going to do, without exceptions


Doing what you say you will do is facilitated when you are dedicated enough to build systems around “wow” moments. When your goal is to impress customers, look for ways to go one step further. The goal is to get all your team to join this to ensure that they follow up and keep the promises made, taking care of every detail.

Giving your customers more than they expect can also be done through a gift or extra help. Everyone loves to receive exceptional value. Even small things can create “wow” moments. We all love to feel valued!

2. Admit errors and fix problems when it happens


Let's accept it, mistakes and problems happen. However, if you do not know how to handle them, they will have an impact on the satisfaction of your customers and success begins to get complicated.

A bad customer service is the norm in the market. We have all lived it. In fact, we have dealt with such bad service that we already expect it. It's crazy! Do we pay a company that doesn't care?

Some of the biggest mistakes in customer service include making promises of more and then delivering less, hiring the wrong people, not empowering and training your team, giving more importance to policies than people, and not asking for feedback from customers. users. Do not make these mistakes in your business!

3. Earn the respect of your customers with feedback


For your customers to respect you, you need to earn that respect. Everyone in the company must be in the best disposition, at all times, to improve the user experience. This includes accepting responsibility for errors. Customers prefer businesses that accept their mistakes and do what is necessary to correct them.

In fact, customer relationships tend to get stronger after a problem is fixed. To keep improving, look for feedback. Survey your customers on a regular basis and reward them for giving you their opinion. After all, feedback helps you make decisions, and customers will want to help you improve their respect for their time and value their opinions.

Getting feedback from your customers helps you have a better understanding of the market and the competition. Clients are a great source of information and can help you even more when you ask the right questions. For example, ask “What can we do to serve you better?” Or ask the same question in more detail: “Tell us your favorite experience with us.” Instead of asking how they see the team, ask: “Who in our team made you feel special?”

4. If customers don't fit your business, let them go


You may receive customers who are a nightmare because they do not respect your value. When this happens, you need to let them go. You may even have to run to a customer, a very difficult decision because your business depends on your money.

Many businesses struggle to let go of bad customers, fearing they will lose revenue or feel like they failed. A business owner can try to make it work with a bad customer, hoping things get better. But this rarely happens. You need to know when to let these people go. Do not let your business be kidnapped by a bad customer.

Many freelancers suffer to say no to opportunities that do not serve them, but rejecting an opportunity allows you to get away from people who do not treat you or your work with the respect and dignity you deserve. Saying “no” is difficult when you need the money, but in the long run it will cost you much more if you agree to work with a client that does not fit your business or takes advantage of your goodwill. You don't have to be everything to everyone. Focus on that 20 percent of your ideal market to get the best customers.

5. Always follow up


Many businesses invest too much time, money and effort hunting new customers, and end up losing them after the first or second transaction because they do not give the correct after-sales follow-up. If customers do not feel valued, they will most likely go with the competition.

Following up on existing customers is a source of wealth. When a customer has a good experience doing business with you, it is much easier for him to repeat.

Always give your customers more than they expect, especially after the purchase, because that way you show them that you value their appreciation for your business. The follow-up makes customers feel special and gives them the opportunity to be heard and participate effectively. Existing customers who are tracked are more likely to use your products or services again. So make follow-up a constant mission for everyone on your team.

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