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5 Ways To Start Your Business TikTok

August 26, 2020

If you want to attract young people, you should create TikTok videos in communities that match what your business has to offer.

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5 Ways To Start Your Business TikTok5 Ways To Start Your Business TikTok

  • TikTok also rules the video world when it comes to legal issues.
  • In China, it is known as douyin.
  • Use the possibilities of the application for your company.

The most popular and most talked about social network in 2020 and perhaps the second most controversial behind Facebook is Tick ​​tock. ByteDance Technology Co.. based in Beijing, bought the lip-sync app in 2017 and merged it with its own lip-sync app in 2018 to create TikTok. (In China, it’s known as douyin).

Oliver Bergeron, Unsplash

Both TikTok and did the same thing: users could create 15-second lip-synced music videos, add filters to make them more fun and colorful, and then send them to other users. But TikTok rules the world of short forms.

ByteDance has continuously updated the TikTok service and its efforts are paying off – it now has 500 million monthly online users. The website of MediaKix has some more interesting stats on TikTok’s rapid rise:

  • The TikTok app was downloaded more than 660,730 million times in 2019.
  • Only 26.5 million of the 500 million users on-line per month are from the United States.
  • The country with the most TikTok users is India, which has 24 percent of all users of the app.
  • Although ByteDance is based in Beijing, TikTok is not available in China. The company is still selling its original app there: Douyin.
  • 66 percent of TikTok users are under 30 years of age.

When will you be using TikTok to promote your business? If you want to attract young people, you should create TikTok videos in communities that match what your business has to offer. If you are marketing your business overseas, especially in South Asia, TikTok should be on your social media list to check out when creating your company’s social media strategy. Here are five ways you can take advantage of the power of TikTok:

1. Video creation

TikTok allows users to choose from a wide variety of background music. Once you’ve chosen your music, you’re ready to use your camera Smartphone to record yourself dancing or lip syncing to the audio. Once you’ve captured the video, you can edit it using a variety of filters such as: E.g. one that allows you to change the speed of the video.

Amanda Vick, Unsplash

2. Share the video

When you’re done editing, share it with other users or post it on YouTube and Facebook. TikTok is similar to the other two social networks in that you can set the profile as private and only share your videos with your friends.

3. Find your community

Additionally, TikTok has a variety of topic-based communities that you can search for. If you find any, check out some videos to find out which types are popular before recording and posting yours.

4. Pay attention to reactions

After posting your video, viewers have the option to “act” from TikTok. This feature is an effective way to find out who likes your video in the community or in your group of friends.

5. Create duets and challenges

Two of TikTok’s most popular features are the creation of “Duets” and “Challenges”. A duet is a video that is combined with another so that both can be seen at the same time. Someone can do this to your video and vice versa. When another user has the role duo disabled, you cannot add it to your own duet. (You can also turn this feature off in your profile or just allow your friends to create Duo videos.)

Josh Rose, Unsplash

You can also take part in a challenge where a user posts a video on a theme and asks others to post their own creations on the same theme. The website One37pm published a list of the best TikTok challenges in 2019; One example was viewing creations of a user’s best artwork and looking at their art process. This challenge created an atmosphere of creativity and community.

Data warehousing research

Even so, TikTok has obvious security issues. In mid-2019, the UK began researching how TikTok was collecting and using data from child accounts. That investigation followed a US Federal Trade Commission fined the app in February 2019 for illegally collecting personal information from children.

In 2019, U.S. lawmakers in Congress expressed concern that TikTok was censoring information, particularly videos of the anti-democracy protests in Hong Kong, and sending user data to the Chinese government.

Solen Feyissa, Unsplash

These concerns led to a formal national security review by the US federal government and the US Army and Navy. They have also banned their employees from using TikTok on state phones as they see it as a security risk.

ByteDance has vowed to work fully with the U.S. government to address their concerns. However, Congress delivered on that promise with deep skepticism when the company refused to testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee in November 2019.

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