5 ways to shed pandemic pounds

There are many reasons why we could just wait for the pandemic to go away and life to normalize before doing anything to our disorganized bodies. Instead of waiting while your waistline inflates, act now Because the decision not to do anything will worsen your wellbeing significantly at a time when the emphasis on optimal health has never been so great.

I spoke to Jeff Later, health coach and founder of the fitness company L8R Lifestyle, who made a list of 5 things everyone must do to thrive in an age where most are just trying to survive.

1. Structure

5 ways to shed pandemic pounds
5 ways to shed pandemic pounds

We’re home forever and our fridges are just steps away. During a normal week in the office, we follow a constant schedule: preparing breakfast, eating lunch and walking at the same time. Now it shouldn’t be any different, so go back to your old schedule and stick to it. Prepare meals in advance so the pantry doesn’t attract your attention. Set alarms and follow them.

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2. Movement

You’re not sitting on a sofa when you’re in the office, so don’t do it while you’re at home. Your daily exercise is likely to be very little, and that factor alone can result in a larger waistline. Even if you continue to exercise and follow the same diet. Yes, because you exercise less and gain weight. Set timers to get up and exercise every 60 minutes. Not only can this improve cognition, but it can also burn more calories and keep you updated.

Consistent cardio is better than clearing yourself of misery every day of the week. A new survey of 2,000 Americans and their nutritional deficiencies, conducted by OnePoll on behalf of MyNetDiary, found that the effort required (35%), cost (33%), lack of support (28%) and lack of time ( 27.)%) Were one of the main factors that contributed to the fact that the respondents decided not to count calories.

3. Be responsible

Set fitness goals with a friend or hire an online coach to keep you on track. A responsible partner can inspire you and focus on all fronts. This element alone leads to so many successful transformations. Even fitness professionals rely on others to help them stay on track.

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4. Drink more water

Staying hydrated is important for a healthy metabolism. Replacing water with a caffeine-rich energy drink to “stay focused” is likely to have the opposite effect, affecting your overall H2O intake. As you drink more water, you may feel full and eat fewer snacks. Always keep a bottle of water near your desk.

5th exercise

Whether you are used to working out in a gym or not, all you have to do is move. It’s less vanity and more important. Get your blood flowing, increase your heart rate, and tone your muscles. By now, you’ve seen home workouts all over the internet. Grab one and give it a try as many are now finding that they prefer these body weight moves and bands to a local gym. Research has shown that you can build muscle with less weight. For those concerned about losing their gains, fear not: whether they’re using their own body weight, resistance bands, a set of pink dumbbells, or the family dog, you can still add bulk. Be proactive as with anything else you do because the urgency has never been so great.

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