5 ways to set limits when working from home

The startups of Lady for Sexual Health share their secrets to stay healthy and productive.

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5 ways to set limits when working from home
5 ways to set limits when working from home

Emma Rooney, sales coordinator

“Structure was the key to maintaining productivity. It helped me get dressed in the morning and not be in my room during the day. Creating a schedule for my day and a deadline at night is a necessary limit. I am also constantly motivated by the work of my colleagues. I have practiced conscious gratitude: I am grateful to have a job to wake up in these incredibly difficult times. “

Jaechelle Johnson, engineer

“We have received records of the entire company more often just to see the faces of the others. I think we use Slack ten times more than when we were physically together. And we started having video chats after business hours to drink and decompress virtual drinks together. “

Alexandra Fine, co-founder and CEO

“We held virtual morning meetings every day. We create a Google Doc with our agenda, and each employee adds what they achieved yesterday, what they try today, and whether anything stands in their way as if they were waiting for a document.

It’s a great way to create accountability and make sure everyone takes a shower and takes care of themselves. I think we will continue these meetings when we are back in the office. “

Josh Nalven, language and experience manager

“I know too much about computer networks from previous jobs and I am the unofficial IT employee at Dame. I have different lengths of ethernet cable and my 50 foot cable was the actual MVP of this quarantine. Your internet is faster and more reliable when you are connected to your router. “

Anthony Francis, chief engineer

“I maintain productivity by sticking to a plan but taking downtime into account. I have scheduled an hour for professional development every day. B. to learn a new skill or take a course. My workspace is full at 6:00 a.m. to prepare for family time and clear the dining table before mom returns home.“”

Photos: Courtesy of Dame

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