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5 ways to sabotage your mornings

April 19, 2020

To make the most of the first few minutes and set a positive tone for the entire day, avoid these activities.

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If you've ever gotten up on the wrong foot or been frustrated by traffic to get to the office, then you know that mornings set the tone for the rest of the day. And although the morning is made up of several hours, the productivity coach for entrepreneurs, Hillary Rettig, says that the way you use the first 15 minutes after you wake up defines what the rest of your day will be like.

5 ways to sabotage your mornings5 ways to sabotage your mornings

“For many people, mornings have our coolest, most energetic hours,” says Retting. “Good time managers value even the shortest periods of time. Those first minutes of your day (both at home and in the office) are vital. ”

Doing low-value work in this precious time can put your day off course. So here are five things you could be doing in the morning that sabotage your productivity:

1. Enter the internet. Checking emails or accessing social networks are common ways to start the day, but generally, when you think that you will only use a few minutes in this activity, in the end you end up spending hours. Retting suggests that, unless necessary, you stay offline until 10 am

“It's easy to absorb into the internet,” says Rettig. “Protect mornings for work that is important to you, and then to be available to others.”

2. Turn on the television. The morning routine of many people is this: Take a bath. Watch some television. Have breakfast. Watch TV. Walking the dog. Watch TV. “Television often monopolizes our morning routine and distracts us from our mission,” says Rettig. “So don't let yourself be anesthetized on TV – better not wear it.”

If you need background noise, it is recommended that you turn on the radio or listen to music.

3. Don't exercise. Procrastination begins with the body, Rettig says, and desk work helps propel it. The morning exercise makes the blood flow and helps you to be more alert. If you don't have time to run or do a long exercise routine, just start your day by stretching or dancing. “It is important to exercise the body, especially if you will be sitting all day,” he says.

4. Answer the phone. With a caller ID, you can know who is calling when the phone rings. Unless you're someone in charge of handling crises at work or a very important customer, make the most of your morning by not answering all calls.

“The phone can be a great switch,” he says, adding that even short calls can distract you and take you off course.

5. Perform heavy work first. Although it may be tempting to “warm up” your day with difficult work or your least favorite tasks, Rettig says it's a better idea to start with something important that is likely to have a positive outcome. “Achievements help motivate you for the rest of the day,” he adds.

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