5 tips to refresh your mind

Are you deconcentrated and not very productive? These simple tips will help you regain focus and energy in 15 minutes.

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5 tips to refresh your mind
5 tips to refresh your mind

Have you ever wished you had a reset button on the brain like the one on your computer? Marissa Vicario, health and wellness coach, says that this is not only possible; It should be part of your daily routine. “As an entrepreneur, it is important that you take care of yourself,” he says. “If you are not in top shape, the people you serve and work with will not be at their peak either.”

Vicar suggests creating certain moments during your trip to escape and clear your mind. Here are five things you can do to refresh your focus in less than 15 minutes:

1. Take an outdoor walk

When you sit, your body systems are at rest, Vicar says. Move your body It helps wake up your mitochondria, the part of your cells that generates energy. The expert says that a long walk several times a week can cause your mitochondria to double and your body to produce more energy. The combination of fresh air and exercise also stimulates blood flow to the brain, allowing you to concentrate and gain mental clarity.

“If you’re stuck with a problem or have difficulty thinking creatively, getting up and walking can give you a completely different perspective,” Vicario says. And if you can’t walk outside, walk around the office twice, up and down the stairs, or stretch yourself at your desk. Simply moving the body helps.

2. Drink water

Most people are chronically dehydrated, Vicario says, and studies show that this affects brain function. “If you feel like you’re not focused, take a break and drinking water It can lift you up, just like when you water a plant, ”he says.

Try drinking two liters of water a day (roughly depending on your weight). If the taste bores you, add mint leaves or slices of lemon, orange, lime or cucumber.

3. Take a deep breath and mix lemon essence oil

Place a small bottle of lemon oil on your desk and inhale it straight from the bottle or apply it a little to a cotton ball, Vicario recommends. Of course, this will help you realign your mind. “Citrus flavors stimulate the nervous system and give energy,” says Vicario. Eucalyptus and rosemary also have a similar effect.

4. Eat something nutritious

A healthy snack can stabilize blood sugar, eliminate hunger and support brain function. Vicar suggests that you have mixtures of nuts, seeds, muesli and nuts on your desk. Other healthy snacks include multigrain bread with avocado, celery and peanut butter. “The snack should contain protein and carbohydrates that help you balance your blood sugar,” he says. Foods with a high sugar content cause spikes and blood sugar drops. This creates a cycle in which you feel energized and then feel tired.

5. Take a nap

If you are your own boss, you can plan a quick nap on your day. A 20-minute nap offers significant benefits for improving attention and performance.

Although studies show that it can refresh the mind and promote creativity, you shouldn’t sleep too long. “If you sleep more than 20 minutes, you will wake up dazed,” says Vicario. “If you constantly need a nap, you should get more sleep at night.”

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