5 tips to find and keep a mentor

Do you know how to contact someone to be your professional advisor? We tell you how to do it successfully.

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5 tips to find and keep a mentor
5 tips to find and keep a mentor

No matter what type of business you are building, you will need it Tips sometime on your way. Maybe you are an experienced entrepreneur or you are just starting to realize your idea. In any case, it is important to have a helping hand that will help you and give you words of wisdom.

I share some keys to achieve a very healthy relationship with you mentor.

1. Don’t be afraid to ask

Don’t worry if the person you think is a perfect mentor for you is very busy. There’s no point in recognizing that if you don’t dare to ask a mentor for help, you need to grow and be run professionally for fear that he won’t have time. Trust that the answer is “yes” and how you can approach your desired lie. What do you have to lose?

2. Be worthy of a mentor

“Anyone who is willing to sacrifice their time for their careers will want to make sure they don’t throw away their precious minutes,” says digital strategist Lisa Williams. If you do not know who you want to contact directly, explain who you are and what you need from them.

Tell her what you want from the relationship you want to build and how much time you can offer. The busiest people work at certain times to know how to work.

3. Choose someone with a different perspective

“You won’t learn much unless you face your mistakes and ignorance of the world,” suggests Cedric Chambaz, Marketing Manager at Bing Ads. So try to find a mentor who will test your thinking and offer you new perspectives that you would not have considered before.

Empathy is a very important part of the path to success. Even if you disagree with others’ opinions on a topic, you should be able to understand their point of view to improve your own decision-making process.

4. Find more than one mentor

It is important to have different mentors to improve different aspects of your career. Nobody can give you all the answers you need. So choose different guides with different experiences to achieve your goals.

5. Try to give something back

The relationship with a mentor NEVER There has to be a way. Try to help your guide by asking what you can do to thank him for his support. Many will tell you that they are only donating their time to help shape the future, but never assume that your mentor will. Since it’s a relationship, you need to be able to do something to support your advisor.

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