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5 tips to buy at the Hot Sale 2020

May 19, 2020

From May 22nd to June 1st, various e-commerce stores get big discounts to motivate consumers.

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5 tips to buy at the Hot Sale 2020
5 tips to buy at the Hot Sale 2020

The Sale, the largest online sales campaign in Mexico, created by the Mexican Association of Online Sales (AMVO), celebrates its seventh edition in 2020 from Saturday, May 23, at 12:00 a.m. to June 1, at 11:59 p.m. Citibanamex customers receive a pre-sale that begins on May 22nd from 12:00 AM to 11:59 PM.

Since its inception, the event has been aimed at promoting electronic commerce in the country. However, the organizers recognize that this year is different due to the situation caused by the health emergency.

“Especially this year, the digital economy does not need any help, in fact it will become the most important support for Mexico in 2020. This form of trading has allowed vulnerable people to shop safely from home so that thousands of companies, large and small and medium-sized, can continue to sell and provide important jobs, ”said Eric Pérez Grovas, President of AMVO.

As part of the Covid 19 contingency, the event will have The aim is to support the Mexican economy in times of crisis. The spokesmen explain that the campaigns and discounts offered by the campaign allow consumers to save, shop intelligently and compare to get the best options.

To ensure that your purchase is 100 percent safe, here are a few tips to help you buy these days:

1. Read the fine print and ask someone who knows

Find out about your rights as a consumer so that they can be quickly remedied in the event of problems such as late returns, consumer data or the exchange of defective products. It is possible that the product you ordered has a defect. It is therefore important that you keep the receipt and that you can easily claim it if you are not satisfied with the item.

2. Discover the different payment methods

Some stores only accept credit cards, while others offer other options such as cash, debit and even PayPal. Before entering the card number, make sure that it is a site that is protected with a security tool and that it is one of the more than 350 participating companies.

3. Check that the page is reliable

We recommend that you check if the website has a security tool when purchasing. Do not buy anything if you see that your data is not queried directly on the page, but via email. There are several ways to determine whether a page has a good or bad reputation. You can search her on Google and find out in the opinion section if she previously had problems.

4. Compare prices

It is typical that we hesitate before buying and decide to compare prices with another online store. What you can do is see how much the total purchase would cost you on any website, as certain stores charge an excess for shipping costs and if you can save it it is even better.

5. Find out about delivery times and costs

Each store differs in terms of the time it takes to bring the product to your home and shipping costs. Make the purchase only if you know the price of the item or service that interests you, the shipping cost, and the guarantee you have as a consumer.

The Purchase intent report HOT SALE 2020, developed by the AMVO, emphasizes that 46% of consumers see the initiative as a good option to avoid leaving home.

The electronic articles related to the fashion category, toys and video games are the ones that represent the greatest interest in this hot sale 2020 and represent 53, 42 and 30 percent of the respondents, respectively. Categories like Food and education courses You will receive special attention in this issue.