5 tips for your customers to be close to you

Many of your customers are certainly in a difficult situation. And even though your company is going through difficult times, today is the time to not forget it.

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5 tips for your customers to be close to you
5 tips for your customers to be close to you

The opinions of the employees of s You are personal.

The large, medium and small companies They often experience ups and downs in their sales, and this is perfectly normal. However, the current is crisis It affects organizations more than normal, regardless of the round or size.

Also because of the crisis, customers have been forced to change their lifestyle, many have had to learn to adapt to remote work, many have had to learn to prioritize their needs, and others have even lost their jobs or suffered a decrease in their income.

And certainly many of your customers are in this situation. And even though your company is going through difficult times, today is the time to not forget it.

Below I share 5 tips to help you stay close (and want to be close) to your customers.

1. Open the communication

Today, more than ever, your customers will be looking for a company that they can trust and that gives them the feeling of being supported. Further communication with them could even help reduce stress or anxiety, as we always need someone to listen to us.

2. Be sensitive

Remember that we have a very complicated situation for many people. The reality that some of us live can be very different from others. It is therefore important that your communication is sensitive and sincere.

3. Value information

We are all very exposed to the news that fills the media headlines every day. Unfortunately, most of the news is not that encouraging.

Therefore, if you provide your customers with friendlier information, they will feel better. Help them see that not everything is bad.

On the other hand, I also recommend keeping them up to date on your company’s position, policy changes, or changes within the organization.

If you provide your customers with more friendly information, they will feel better / Photo: Chris Liverani about Unsplash

4. Be consistent

There is no point in encouraging your customers and being open to some things if, on the other hand, the products or services you offer do not go with the situation. That said, if you know the situation for many of them is complicated, don’t just communicate to pressurize them with their payments, don’t offer them products that they’re unlikely to be able to afford, and not that Printing of more.

Keep in mind that at this point the priorities are different and maybe someone would rather take care of their family’s safety than buy a product or service that goes beyond their means.

5. Build success

A company that helps its customers build the desired success (regardless of the circumstances) is a company that is sure to stay in your life. Today, you should focus on adding value to your customers (depending on the industry), and not just focus on selling and taking profits.

When your customer comes to you to help them solve financial, administrative, legal, or even health problems, focus on giving them so they can turn to you. Selling doesn’t just mean closing the deal and collecting it, selling is worrying and offers value to everyone.

If you take these points into account when contacting your customers, they will follow you regardless of the circumstances.

Any business can sell, but not everyone gives their customers the importance they deserve.

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