5 tips for those who think they are special

As a child Steve Jobs cried because his biological parents gave him up for adoption. He spent his life proving that it was important.

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Millennials have acquired the bad reputation of being a generation of bratty narcissists. Although I don't think it's fair to label a whole group of people based only on age, or any other criteria, even if it's true, being narcissistic isn't as bad as it sounds.

5 tips for those who think they are special
5 tips for those who think they are special

Actually, being conceited can be a great motivator in life.

If you really think you are very special, you have a desperate need to be important and you work hard to prove it, logic says that you will achieve success. It is like the realization of a prophecy of personal success. Cases like this happen all the time.

As a boy, Steve Jobs told a girl living outside his home that he was adopted. When the little girl asked him if this meant that his biological parents had not wanted him, the future entrepreneur began to cry and ran to his house. It was then that his adoptive mother told him that she and her husband had specifically chosen him from among a group of children. Since then, Jobs always believed he was special.

The path to the fulfillment of personal prophecy is more cyclical than you think. Although his adoptive family did choose him, Jobs was aware that his biological parents gave him up for adoption. Most likely, your life's work was the result of a desire to prove that it was indeed special.

This type of mechanism is very common in highly successful people. And guess what? Believing you are special is a great start, but it is only the beginning of the road to success. It is not enough to have motivation, you have to take certain steps for the fulfillment of personal prophecy to take place and for you to reach your full potential.

1.You have to have the talent to back you up
I don't care if it's intelligence, abilities, instincts or some combination of these elements, the point is that you are either born with talent or you use your will to develop it. Sure you can go through life pretending that you know how to do things, but you will hardly be happy with yourself if you don't prepare to achieve them.

2.It is definitely not enough to have positive thoughts
Many people are confused at this point. Childhood trauma can start the bonfire of the need to prove yourself. Focusing only on the positive parts only serves to create a false reality in your mind that does not translate into something positive in the material world.

3.You have to work like crazy
You can think of yourself as important as Donald Trump or Mark Cuban, but that self-esteem won't count if you just sit around waiting for good things to come to you. The combination of narcissism with feeling entitled to receive things never ends well. First of all, you must work to prove that you really are as important as you think you are. Point.

4. You must make smart decisions
You can have the motivation, the intelligence, the talent, work non-stop, but in the end it all comes down to the decisions you make for the future. Each choice plays a determining role in your life and has the potential to transform your existence for better or for worse. Success always depends on making the right decisions.

5. You have to persevere
This mechanism is usually eternal for certain people: they can succeed and succeed and never feel satisfied. This can be a curse or a blessing depending on the effect it has on your life. On the positive side, this feature will give you the strength to endure difficult times.

In the end, what makes you feel special can also give you the motivation to achieve great things and fulfill your personal prophecy.

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