5 tips for future entrepreneurs to start a business (even if we are in a crisis)

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5 tips for future entrepreneurs to start a business (even if we are in a crisis)
5 tips for future entrepreneurs to start a business (even if we are in a crisis)

How can pandemic entrepreneurs make money?

Based on information from the Telephone Job and Employment Survey (ETOE) INEGI suggests that 12.5 million were lost in April Jobs (10.4 million informal and 2.1 million formal), mainly due to the economic impact of the pandemic. Although these numbers have improved in recent months, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) estimates that employment could recover by the end of 2021. Given this scenario, there are many people who could commit to generating income.

Although small businesses, small and medium-sized businesses (MSME) contribute 52% to the country’s gross domestic product (GDP) and create 73% of employment. The path that the entrepreneurs who run these companies must take is not easy.

There are a variety of obstacles and challenges that need to be overcome. Indeed, according to the report of the Global ship Monitor34% of entrepreneurs see fear of failure as an obstacle to starting a business. This implies not only the fear of losing money, but also personal frustration, problems with self-esteem and even depression.

s need to be resilient and have multiple skills that enable them to overcome any obstacle. Therefore, it is always relevant for those who are about to know the experience of other entrepreneurs. For this reason, the Association of s of Mexico (ASEM), with the support of Facebook, held a digital event in which five Mexicans shared their experiences at the company.

In the case “Between founders: turning obstacles into opportunities “Rigel Sotelo, founder of Cal y Maíz; Mariana Torres, founder and CEO of Panalli; Fernando Aguilar, responsible for the connection and impact at Buna; Silke German, director and founder of La Comandanta; and Omar Landa, founder and commercial director of Rayito de Luna, who advised new entrepreneurs.

Among the tips that you addressed during the event, the following should be emphasized:

1. You do not need a specific profile to start

Image: Danielle MacInnes on Unsplash

To be an entrepreneur, it is necessary to have a range of skills and knowledge. However, the fact that they are not there does not mean that this is not possible. It doesn’t matter whether you are an engineer, physicist, communicator or cook, there is always a market that needs new solutions.

“Everyone has a different life story and we don’t have to have studied one or the other thing to do something in the end. It is the mixture of skills that each of the partners has and the diversity of thinking that favors the creation of a differentiated and effective value proposition, ”commented Fernando Aguilar, responsible for commitment and impact at Buna.

2. Face up and learn from mistakes

Picture: Pawel Janiak about Unsplash

The difference between failure and error is that the first can be due to problems of others, while errors are always our responsibility. And while it’s not easy, taking the responsibility we have in them is the first step to avoiding them.

“There will always be obstacles, but the idea is to face them with a smile, see them objectively, and look for a new solution to these problems without taking them personally and, above all, learning from them so that they do not come back occur. You need to develop the ability to resolve conflicts and synthesize learning, and think about what you can do for others and what you can do because if you are not part of the solution, you will never find it, “said Mariana Torres , Founder and director general of Panalli.

3. Look for opportunities in competitive markets and offer something different

Picture: Paul Skorupskas about Unsplash

Even the most competitive markets can be an excellent option if we are clear about what we want to offer and we are convinced that our product is unique in the market. To achieve this, we need to know the market and offer the consumer a completely different concept.

This was done by Rayito de Luna, a hygiene and personal care products company. “We found that there are good traceable and honest options for food, even clothing. However, we were surprised that we found only “organic” labels on other products that you use every day, such as soap or shampoo, but you have read the ingredients and they contain synthetic chemicals with a high environmental impact, ”said Omar Landa, partner and founder of Rayito de Luna.

His research process on how the hygiene industry works led him to develop a range of craft, sustainable products with biodegradable packaging that are widely accepted in the market.

4. Follow your ideals

Image: Yukie Emiko via Unsplash

Some people spend their whole lives without knowing what’s most important to them. Because of this, we have to fight for what we want to achieve. ship is not just about money, it is also about freedom, passion and dreams. It says over there: “If you do what you want, you never have to work.”

“I was very involved in various marketing and advertising agencies that developed big brands like Pepsi Co. and Kellogg’s, but after a few years life surprised me and gave me diabetes so I started to question what I was doing Role that products played in children and decided to create their own brand that has the values ​​that I really believe in, “said Silke German, director and founder of La Comandanta.

5. Don’t do the job alone

Image: Hannah Busing on Unsplash

Depending on the growth of our company, situations arise that we cannot cope with alone because they require an expert in a certain area, for example an accountant or a lawyer. If we have no help, we need to use the services of these experts. On the other hand, it is important to work with people or form alliances that have different skills than we do and that can complement each other.

“Over time, I have found that I was very proud and often wanted to do things myself so that I could not get ahead. Now I am very grateful that I have surrounded myself with people who are very good and have many skills me, and everything can be done much faster and better, “said Rigel Sotelo, founder of Cal y Maíz.

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