5 things your business should know before investing in artificial intelligence

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  • Analyze your company and identify the vulnerable areas.
  • Find a solution that is compatible with your business model.
  • Improve your employee skills.
  • Go to the experts.
  • Keep growing.
5 things your business should know before investing in artificial intelligence
5 things your business should know before investing in artificial intelligence

The year 2020 was marked by the acceleration of the development and introduction of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in various aspects of daily life, but most of all it has had a transcendent influence on the operation of companies.

The COVID-19 pandemic has completely transformed thousands of businesses around the world, positioning AI as a huge differentiator between resilient and lagged businesses. As this technology is applied to various business processes, its benefits become more apparent.

According to the study “The company operated by AI”97% of the surveyed companies of the consulting firm Capgemini said they had seen measurable benefits in the implementation of AI. For this reason and as a result of the pandemic, 78% of company executives said they would continue to invest in AI as they did before COVID-19, and one in five said they even plan to increase their investments.

“Artificial Intelligence offers companies a broad competitive advantage and a sustainable advantage in all areas in which they apply. Therefore, executives around the world are increasingly convinced of the importance of investing in AI in order to promote their development.” says Gustavo Parés, director of the Mexican company NDS Cognitive Labs, which specializes in artificial intelligence.

The benefits of AI range from improving customer service and the customer experience, automating processes, reducing costs and time, increasing productivity, increasing sales, designing and evaluating the scope of marketing strategies, and improving the market, among others Decision making others.

Some companies have not been able to take the big step towards implementing AI, largely due to a lack of advice or knowledge to carry out this process. However, the complexity of the new normal is forcing more and more companies to have these tools.

According to NDS Cognitive Labs, these are the 5 fundamentals you should know before investing in artificial intelligence for your business:

1. Analyze your company and identify the vulnerable areas

Before investing in AI, you should conduct an analysis of the health of your company, including strengths and areas for improvement.

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The company may run into one or more problems, or even some processes that are not a bug, but are essential and that are hugely helpful to improve, such as: B. sales or customer service.

2. Find a solution that is compatible with your business model

Once you are clear about the problem you want to solve or the area you want to improve, you need to find the AI ​​solution that best suits your company’s needs and finances.

“The use of AI is not a luxury, it is a necessity for every business. Therefore, many service providers offer packages that are tailored to the specific needs of every company, whether large or small. Like the cost problem, this technology is available to everyone, ”says Gustavo Parés.

3. Improve your staff skills

Part of the success of AI implementation is having a technology talent binomial that can harness the full potential of this tool.

The study “Reconstruction of the works”Deloitte notes that companies that have implemented new technology believe it is important that their workforce not only be trained to use it, but also be able to adapt to new dynamics. The benefits of this work binomial can be translated into “Automation can create jobs that are good for the worker, the company and society at large,” as we recently saw at work Home office.

4. Go to the experts

Before implementing any technology, make sure you have the right advice. Find experts in the field, check out their websites, reviews, and success stories. This gives you a complete picture of what this ally can do for your business and guarantees that the investments you have made will produce productive results.

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5. Keep growing

Remember that the world will not be what it was before. The pandemic and technology will have a greater impact on industry at all levels. So don’t be satisfied with automating or improving just one process in your company.

Strive for constant improvement, continuously evaluate your results and continue to grow with Artificial Intelligence as a strategic ally.

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