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5 things to remove from your desktop NOW

September 7, 2020

Which objects in your workspace affect your productivity? Get rid of them!

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5 things to remove from your desktop NOW5 things to remove from your desktop NOW

What’s on your desk Scotch tape? A stapler? A dictionary? Believe it or not, these common office supplies can seriously affect your workflow. The truth is that Almost all of these objects are dispensableand all they do is block our field of vision.

Follow the “less is more” rule to clean your desk: remove anything that isn’t strictly necessary. If you have no idea where to start, here are some tips. Get to work

1. Tools of little use

Tools that are used less than once a month should be kept in a drawer. When they are on your desk, they take up valuable space that can be used for things you use every day or to place objects that inspire you, such as writing books. B. Photos or phrases.

2. Cable

Today, many electronic devices do not require cables: the keyboard, mouse, and even headphones are wireless. However, cables that are still visible (e.g. from the monitor or landline) can create visual junk. Find a way to hide them so they don’t appear in your landscape.

3. Stacked sheets

Stacking multiple files may seem like a productive maneuver, but it has the opposite effect. Many people have a pile of papers waiting to be checked. They do it to remember their earrings; but the pile tends to get so big and messy that creates distractions and worries, Cause stress and affect productivity.

4. Various objects

Business cards, thank you notes, knickknacks, old documents … these items are like dead weight. Anything that has been on your desk for over a year and hasn’t been used or seen should be removed. These things subconsciously affect your productivity. Pay special attention to what is on, behind, and around your screen.

5. Post-its invasion

Are you one of those people who write every tiny earring on a post-it? Clutter up your workspace with these colorful memories? This is one of the worst manias there can be. Otherwise it is highly harmful to the environment (What if you download an app that will remind you of your earrings?) Create a vision disorder that doesn’t add to your mental clarity.

What should be on your desk

Replace “visually awkward” objects with objects that achieve the opposite effect. Replace things that make you feel heavy, worried, or guilty about something that inspires you (such as a photo, landscape, or plant). Your desk should reflect the best things in your life.

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