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5 tactics to improve your personal branding

May 31, 2020

Your personal brand can be part of your company’s value proposition and open the door to more professional opportunities.

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5 tactics to improve your personal branding5 tactics to improve your personal branding

Personalization is one of the most important trends in business. Therefore, it is not uncommon for people who work behind brands to focus on highlighting their identity in order to build better relationships with their audience. On this line Personal branding is a strategy that works for both professionals and companies to create more opportunities and generate more sales and recognition.

“The digital world has left behind the idea that companies have no face. Personal branding uses the good image of the talent behind a brand and reflects the innovative ability of companies, “said Carolina Samsing, Marketing Director at HubSpot Latin America.

“Proof of this are the entrepreneurs who create their own brand that complements their startups. Good connections and their success as humans are far from competing and mean growth for businesses, “he added.

To exploit your potential as a professional and work on your own brand to boost your business, the expert shares five inbound-based tactics below.

Plan your social media posts

The use of the power of social media is a constant in marketing strategies. For your personal brand, a contribution, a tweet and a good network of contacts will help you gain a presence.

This doesn’t have to be a task that steals all your time. In the morning, take a few minutes to schedule posts on your networks about an entry in your personal or company blog, a study of a company, an infographic, or an image that may be interesting. When you receive comments, don’t forget to follow up personally and not just plan automated responses, as your priority should be to start the conversation and create engagement.

Write for your company blog

A separate page for sharing relevant information for your audience is a basic requirement for today’s brands, as 46% of people have to read a blog more than once a day and position themselves in search engines. Active participation in your company’s blog with an article strengthens your position as an expert and can also promote your professional social networks with attractive content.

Search for collaborations

Work with specialized blogs and expert groups in your area who would like to create content. If you can’t find other ways to join, take the initiative and invite other colleagues to become a reference. This project can also benefit the company you work in because you can use the information they generate and present your own brand and that of your company in an organic way.

Stay up to date on trends

Knowing what market concerns are, which technologies cause the most noise, even the season’s favorite shows and films will give you an idea of ​​what, when and how you can join the online conversations. If you talk about the right topics at the right time, not only will your opinion become more relevant, but you can also identify strategic opportunities for you and your company.

Be present at events

Don’t underestimate the value of networking. Registration for events is a resource for getting known and placing yourself in the foreground among organizers, companies and colleagues. When you generate new projects, you have the opportunity to participate in panels, collaborate on platforms and participate in conferences.

“Remember that your image needs to be backed up by experience and preparation because, as with any business strategy, content matters most,” concluded Carolina Samsing.

With information from HubSpot.