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5 Spotify playlists to celebrate mothers

May 9, 2020

As much as mothers use this time with their families, music can give them the escape they need to relax and be distracted for a while.

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5 Spotify playlists to celebrate mothers5 Spotify playlists to celebrate mothers

Although the Mother’s Day It is always something special, this year many mothers face more challenges than usual. We know that music can bring families together, even if they’re separated, or give mothers a haven to relax and find Soundtrack perfect for every moment. Here are 5 Spotify playlists that will brighten your day.

1. Mom mix: A very maternal quality is the ability to do so multitaskingThis is why this playlist is perfect for accompanying you in your other favorite activities. With a super current repertoire of pop in Spanish and English, it is the perfect soundtrack for a Mother’s Day at home in the rhythm of Thank u, Next, Hey Pablo and Bad Guy.

2nd Cool mom: This recommendation is for mothers with more indie and rock taste. The playlist combines titles by Cerati, Zoé, Tame Impala and Arctic Monkeys and is designed for an alternative Mother’s Day.

3rd Grandma’s kitchen: For mothers of an earlier generation, this playlist has almost the same taste as a noodle soup. It combines classic songs like Bésame Mucho, Señora and Tu Cabeza En Mi Hombro.

4th Thanks boss: This playlist corresponds to a bouquet of songs celebrating the queens of the house and contains the titles that we associate the most with this date, such as Amor Eterno, Madrecita and Contigo Aprendí.

5. Women and podcasts: In addition to music, “Women and Podcasts” contains a series of episodes from various programs and is specially curated with projects that are presented or produced by women in this format.

This issue contains a series of Welcome with Martha Debayle, a weekly pregnancy guide to relieve anxiety caused by visiting the stork with reliable information. There’s also a sequel to La Burra Arisca, a kind of talk show hosted by three mothers in their forties, and the episode of Se Regalan Douba’s hit show about improving the mother-daughter relationship.

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