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5 secrets to win more sales

February 13, 2020

We share five ways to 'hunt' consumers and become a successful seller in your own company.

The opinions expressed by employees are personal.

Sales are the king of the new economy. Your success will be determined based on your ability to generate profits and sell, not only your products or services, but also yourself. We share five strategies to position you well in the art of sales:

1. Remember that you are in people's business

5 secrets to win more sales5 secrets to win more sales

Many vendors focus solely on what they are selling and forget that they are in a business where people are based; Your customers want to be treated in a personalized way. Recently I was in an office where its members had forgotten that they were not in the business of teeth, but in making patients feel happy and comfortable.

Attracting attention and maintaining the interest of your customers is a great challenge today. Therefore, before visiting or serving a client, remember that you are a unique person who deserves a unique treatment.

2. Focus on the results, not the effort

The game of sales is not about organizing, planning or attending meetings … it's about getting results. Some vendors try to trick themselves into 'doing the hard work', instead of facing consumers who can buy their products.

Your sales success depends on obtaining results, and this means putting your product in the hands of more customers. A good seller knows how to attract consumer attention and present your product or service in such a way that you buy it. Do not confuse results with efforts; You don't try to sell, sell.

3. Do the awkward

The best sellers I have met are willing to do anything, no matter how painful it is. Convinced of their offer, they are willing to face difficult clients, ask hard questions and go for the closing of the sale.

I always call my difficult clients first and keep calling them when everyone else has already given up. Once a month I make a list of my most difficult clients and create an attack plan to get those accounts. The first month I incorporated this strategy I got one of the best sales of my career. And you can not get the best deals without getting into the deep waters where large fish swim.

4. Surprise the customer

Supermarkets look for ways to inspire consumers to get emotionally involved and create the urgency of buying their offer. When you surprise a customer you make a difference and cause him to want to experience something. You can take any product – even a boring one – and make an amazing presentation.

Once I showed a customer a glass door in a house showing that they were hurricane-proof by hitting both sides to demonstrate the quality of their construction. This immediately captured customer attention and separated me and my offer from the competition.

And is that being average is not paid with sales. That is why you must surprise consumers with your presentation, your dress, your belief in the product and the service you offer.

5. Ask for the sale

This may sound too simple, but many sellers forget to ask for the sale, even if it seems hard to believe. Recently we did a mistery shop in 500 businesses and in more than 70 percent we noticed that the seller never asked us to do business. No matter what your product, price or professionalism, if you don't ask, only those who were willing to buy from the beginning will buy you.

I always keep a count of the number of times I ask a client to do business with me. This keeps me focused and increases my sales.

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