5 reasons you’re still stuck in your work (and life)

There is no static state of perfection, balance and happiness in life. No, not even when you reach this goal, this position, this salary, this house, this company … you will feel 100% complete, at least not for long. Life moves, and if you don’t move with it, you will soon be trapped in a comfort zone that leads nowhere, like a small fish in a small aquarium.

This does not mean that you should live dissatisfaction. On the contrary: be grateful (and enjoy!) Every step of the way; Celebrate every success and share it with others. But don’t stay there. Once you feel like you stop getting up with hope in your soul and energy in your feet, you will know it is time to move and grow.

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5 reasons you’re still stuck in your work (and life)
5 reasons you’re still stuck in your work (and life)

However, sometimes it seems that life does not allow us to grow. We’ve been stuck in the same job for too long, with the same things, and we start to get bored. If this continues, the situation can become desperate as we watch others climb the corporate ladder, start projects, or accomplish incredible things.

What may be holding you back on your way into the future?

1. You need to create a map

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Be careful: every person has their own path and life, if you compare yourself to others, soon turns into a paranoid nightmare. Don’t worry about where others are or what the obvious signs of success they are. It’s an absolute waste of your time and mind.

The question worth asking yourself is where am I and what am I doing. Will they bring me closer to where I want to be? Perhaps this question gives rise to another question that goes even deeper: and all of that … Where do i want to be

You know, and I know, that life cannot be reduced to chasing the fourteen days to death of exhaustion (although many live that way in their rat race). If you’re not moving forward, maybe it is may be‘Cause you have no place to go So tell me: where do you want to be in 10, 20, 30 years? What are your talents and passions and how can you improve the lives of others? What is your purpose, what are your dreams What do you want to achieve before you say goodbye to this world?

Stop dreaming is the first step of death. I know people who have simply “put up with” a job since they were 40 so they can retire and then … then do nothing. The object of your life is not retirement, it is purpose. Tell me what moves you And then on.

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The place you want to go is yours. It is your card. Once you’ve set a destination, you can go there on foot. So every step, no matter how small, is a step to success. Otherwise, you’ll just turn around and hit the walls like a fly on a window. If there is no goal, there is no meaning and who wants to live like that?

2. You have to learn something

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School doesn’t end at 18 or 25. School never ends. If it is true that no one knows everything, it is also true that you have the ability to learn new habits, skills, and knowledge throughout your life. What’s stopping you?

Regardless of whether you work for a company or have your own business, as you progress you will find that there are topics and environments that you need to know and know in order to continue to grow.

Maybe you need to learn finance or management; or maybe you need to train your emotional intelligence. You may need to learn how to sleep, eat better, or exercise. You may need to learn to let go, direct, or paint.

Not everything is in business courses. Doing business is only part of what you do. Instead, growing in part of you will have a positive impact on your business. Every new step to success has its costs: stress, time, family, health or money. And in each of these settings you have to learn something.

So learn! You can first search for books or podcasts on topics that interest you. However, I recommend looking for organized systems that force you to enforce your schedule (courses, courses, diplomas, meetings, etc.) so that you can rely on others to help you achieve your goals. If you feel that “everything is fine” it is a sign that you have reached a comfort zone.

That’s not bad! But as I said, it can’t be forever. Train your mind for the journeys you have not started … and your success will be much easier to achieve.

3. You lack visibility

Image: Paul Skorupskas via Unsplash

There is some level of internal turnover and movement in all organizations. It is normal and healthy in a company that is growing and evolving.

Yet some people get stuck in their posts too long. Not for lack of qualities or desires, but for lack of visibility. I am not saying here that you should be snooty or that you are looking for applause every step of the way. receive much less personal recognition for team projects. There are few things as toxic as the person who always wants to be the center of attention.

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At the same time, it’s impossible for them to consider a promotion or a new position for someone they don’t know or who isn’t on the radar. How can we create positive and legitimate visibility? The simple answer is: with initiative and creativity. They have to give more than they ask of us.

Those who do their job well can be there for decades. But a person who puts his soul into his work, who creates art and creativity in it, who looks for new solutions to make it better, and who raises his hand when it is necessary to raise it … he will soon finding new challenges that will propel him to growth. The world is not one of the “well-made” – says Seth Godin in his book “Are you indispensableBut the artists: those who take what they have and use creativity to build something better.

4. You need to get out of your comfort zone

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We all constantly find comfort zones, spaces where things seem to be going well, where the floor doesn’t move too much, where we have what we need. In my experience, these comfort zones are the most widespread and most serious danger facing millions of people in the world. Comfort zones are good as long as they are temporary.

If they want to become permanent – against their nature – they create a fog that blinds the eyes and does not allow us to see beyond. They are islands in the ocean, but they are not destiny. You must come to them to rest, plan, and collect supplies … to return soon at sea in search of the real treasure.

How do I get out of a comfort zone? You don’t have to take silly risks. It’s not about jumping on a ship, quitting your job or moving to Luxembourg the day after tomorrow. Impulsive decisions are not the same as startups.

Instead, all you have to do is explore other environments. Find a class or hobby on Monday night; organize a meeting with people other than the “usual” people; Take a trip that calls and inspires you. Start a project at home or a business in your spare time. Start small and dare to fail. Discover new talents, passions and connections. All of this gives you material for creativity and mental and emotional escape routes to get closer to the goal you painted on your own map to have.

5. You need to look for other options

Image: Javier Allegue Barros via Unsplash

Finally … if nothing works and you’re still stuck in the same place, it may be time to look for other work or business opportunities. I’m the last one to – usually – advise that people just stop. A job is something valuable that not only pays off in money, but also in experience, passion and contacts. However, if the place you are in is no longer a place that brings you closer to your destination … then plan your departure with a cool head and look for other options.

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That exit can be your own business – you’ll try that little by little before you go – or some other company that you’ll be quietly looking for because no one is looking for you. walking around- … or a career change, more radical. The world is big and sometimes you have to make bold and courageous decisions, such as changing cities or countries if you need to. The goal: that you do not come to the end of your life bored and defeated just because you did not dare to believe that it is possible to lead another life.

I know you. You’re smart. You are creative. You are skillful. Most of all you are free. Freedom is a skill, but also a great challenge. Most of the barriers that catch you are inside you, not outside. Try to move your world with these tips: learn, move, jump, raise your hand and take control of your own present … to create your own future.

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