5 reasons to spend time

We’ll tell you why being out of the office from time to time is ideal for your creativity and performance.

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5 reasons to spend time
5 reasons to spend time

It is instinct for entrepreneurs to work around the clock and spend very little time for themselves. These kinds of ambitious people disqualify the “New Age” followers who preach this Balance between life and workSince, according to them, the day lasts only 24 hours, not a minute can be wasted on an activity that is not used to build one successful business.

While this high level of internal engagement can get you far, there comes a time when burnout occurs. Before it happens to you, consider these five reasons to spend time with yourself regularly, not just to avoid burnout but to make it a tool for success:

1. Refresh and clear your mind. Just as a good night’s sleep refreshes your mind and body, so does the time off from day to day. If your routine is the same every day, no matter how habitual you are, you will sooner or later get bored. When you allow your mind to focus on something other than work, you gain perspective that if you are immersed in trenches all the time you won’t get.

2. You cannot be good to anyone unless you are good to yourself. This old adage is not to be taken lightly. Ask yourself, “What have I been doing for myself lately?” If you can’t come up with an answer quickly, you have probably been out of business for a long time.

You are much more than the head of a company or an entrepreneur. You are a whole person. And if you don’t value that person, you won’t be able to lead others effectively. Work will continue to be done in the same or better way if you use your time wisely. So start being good to yourself, take some time off, and give yourself what you need.

3. You will be more creative. Creativity does not reside in the logical and organized part of your left hemisphere. Although it is instinctive for the ambitious professional to look for naivety there, creativity as well as inspiration lives on the chaotic and disorganized right side of the brain.

If you sit in your office every day trying to make things happen, your ideas will eventually run dry. When you take time out of organization and processes, you have the opportunity to explore the chaos in your right hemisphere. It’s amazing what you can find there.

4. Being a control freak doesn’t help. One of the reasons leaders are what they are is because of their ability to organize, execute, and move people towards their goals. They know how to make things happen. They know how to control situations and get results. But they can also be very controlling people.

There are few things we can control, and at some point we need to know how to let go before it gets in our way. Taking your time is a great way to step back and give up control at least an hour a week. If you have the right people on your team, it’s easy to delegate tasks in your absence.

5. You stay in touch with what is important. Speaking of control … Sometimes things don’t go as planned, especially in business. And sometimes they get so bad that closing the doors is the best option. When we define ourselves by what we do, it’s easy to lose sight of who we are and to be devastated when unexpected things happen.

When you spend time you can see that you are more than a professional. You owe it to yourself to honor these parts of you and the truth is you never know where or when you will meet someone who can help you in your career or business.

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