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5 reasons to join the workcation

May 23, 2020

Work on vacation? We give you five reasons why it can be a good idea.

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5 reasons to join the workcation5 reasons to join the workcation

In a world in which professionals have torn down the three walls of their cabins and mobility enables people to do their work at will, the line between working and resting times is blurring. Concepts like Work area: work + vacation – They are considered one of the most practical alternatives for new generations with life and work philosophies that set new standards.

“Although this could happen as a workaholic syndrome, there is a new front of people who do not oppose their desire to discover new places or to enjoy the city in which they live with the opportunities for work and innovation . Work trends are focusing more than ever on achieving a harmony between creativity, calm and productivity, “said Emilio Uribe, head of new business at Selina, the hotel chain that makes life easier for new generations of travelers and nomads from around the world.

According to Uribe, this also takes into account that work does not have to be a burden for many creators and professionals, and they prefer to have better control over how they spread their hours and work areas. According to a study by Citrix in Latin America, 71% of those questioned would quit their jobs to work remotely.

To deepen this point of view, Selina defines five reasons to break the routine and try the workcation.

1. Use the trip

Did you come back from a discouraged work trip because you just hit your hotel room? Choosing this remote controlled model will blame you for not enjoying yourself and not being productive enough.

2. Stay motivated and enjoy doing what you do

Well-being, a pleasant environment and the ability to decide how you work have a positive effect on productivity and satisfaction with your work, which leads to a more autonomous and less stressful lifestyle.

3. Find and use new opportunities

When you travel or enter work areas for digital nomads, your chances of meeting more professionals in different parts of the world increase, which is reflected in possible collaborations and companies that could be fruitful in the short and long term.

4. Add your family or friends

Workcation can give you the option of not spending your time with loved ones. The most important thing is to be in rooms that give you all the tools you need to work and to separate for a while to take advantage of those who are taking part in your trip.

5. Turn life and work into a better experience

An important aspect for generations who renew their understanding of their work and their lifestyle. According to a recent FlexJobs survey, 72% of professionals who choose remote work models are looking for a balance between their personal and professional lives. They also appreciate that flexibility can have a positive impact on their health and quality of life ;; These are the main advantages of the workplace.