5 productive crypto-related activities that you can perform during quarantine

In times of a pandemic due to the coronavirus, which has forced almost the entire population to save time and limit their homes as preventive measures to curb the progression of the disease To avoid free time, we offer some productive activities that you can do with cryptocurrencies.


Since this is a technology that is still in the early stages of being introduced, The vast majority of users have no in-depth knowledge of cryptocurrencies, its functionality and in particular the underlying technology such as the blockchain.

Well, to avoid this ignorance, there is nothing better than using it Some self-taught resources on the internet to deal with blockchain technology and crypto in general. From videos on platforms such as YouTube of some influencers to free webinars, it is the order of the day to deepen your knowledge according to your level of knowledge about the ecosystem.

5 productive crypto-related activities that you can perform during quarantine
5 productive crypto-related activities that you can perform during quarantine

To do this, add some podcasts on cryptocurrencies. According to a review in exscudo, Some good examples of this genre include Unchained by Laura Shin, What Bitcoin Did by Peter McCormack, and The Crypto Street Podcast.

You can also interact with our Cryptopedia “Explained” section to learn more about the technology of the most important cryptocurrencies and how they work, as well as a brief overview through our glossary of terms with the respective label for the keyword of the topic to be deepened.

Join a community

Acknowledging the beginning of the history of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general, Early technological knowledge was reflected in special crypto forums like Bitcointalk, and recently these specialized forums have moved to other networks like Reddit, Quora and Cryptocurrencytalk.

On Bitcointalk, the forum created by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2008, it is already possible to see a lot of content related to crypto in the early stages of Bitcoin.. The forum has over a million members and a large number of sub-forums on almost all past and present cryptocurrency projects.

Reddit has developed into one of the most active and numerous encryption communities in recent years. The subreddit r / cryptocurrency alone has over a million users and has recently implemented the use of native cryptocurrencies in Ethereum to reward its members.

Cryptocurrencytalk is a forum that was created in 2013 and contains a large amount of information about cryptocurrencies and especially with ICOs. With over 400,000 posts and 70,000 users, this may be a good place to start learning.

Last but not least Quora. A community dedicated to multiple topics, including blockchain and cryptocurrencies., with many influencers who explain the ecosystem very well to beginners.

Learn how to use crypto for payments

Much of the launch is through the daily use we can give our cryptocurrencies. Despite the fact that it’s a fascinating technology and fairly easy to use, a large number of users are still unaware of the potential of crypto payments.

From Bitcoin to Ethereum through endless altcoins, There are a number of projects that focus on the online payment system without intermediaries.

Although many people prefer to view cryptocurrencies as an investment or a trade, the reality is that they were created as a means of payment. When Nakamoto invented Bitcoin in 2008, his original vision was to make digital money transfers faster, easier, and cheaper.

In times of the corona virus with closed shops and closed borders It’s a good time to explore the potential of cryptocurrencies as payment systems. both peer-to-peer and online.

From transfers to decentralized payments for the execution of certain orders, cryptocurrencies cover a wide payment field in times of the corona virus.

Consequently, Use your free time to understand how payments work and which wallet options are best for making them. Learn how to set up, secure and understand your wealth, how to control your money, and how to send and receive instant payments at low cost, regardless of the time, date on the calendar, or trade amount.

If you want to get to know the best bitcoin wallets, You can click this link to explore the best options in the market under the main reference of the crypto ecosystem. and make appropriate custody choices for your funds.

Analyze your portfolio

If you’re already an average investor with a crypto portfolio, Use your free time to analyze the performance of your property. The market was exposed to constant volatility due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

That’s why, Further instructions are required to avoid losses due to wrong decisions and a large part of these decisions as much as possible Basically, you need to get timely information about the projects you are pursuing.

A good investment strategy requires some adjustments from time to time and it is important that this is well informed. So take your time to inform yourself sufficiently about the current market situation and the events to be expected in the near future.

Try out new trading strategies

Consonant to the previous point, It is a good time to use your free time and simulate new strategies in a limited exchange environment.

Some exchanges offer the ability to simulate trading strategies with assets that allow you to expand your knowledge in the fascinating world of trading without endangering your assets.

This gives you more experience and unique sharpness, which are crucial for making important decisions at a certain point in a real environment. While each platform has its own surface, The vast majority of centralized exchanges offer a demo account that allows you to fully test any strategy that you consider appropriate for a particular asset.

Furthermore, You can interact with some P2P platforms to learn how they work and to feel the power of decentralized technology in your hands within easy reach of a click.

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