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5 powerful rules for business women

March 8, 2020

These are five strategies that will help you overcome business fears and achieve success.

The opinions expressed by employees are personal.

When I became a businesswoman, I was motivated by only one thing: freedom. I wanted to have flexibility to pursue my dream. ship allowed me to work on something that attracted and empowered me at the same time.

5 powerful rules for business women5 powerful rules for business women

I'm not alone: according to a Cox Business study , 61 percent of women entrepreneurs started a business to be their own boss, and more than 50 percent did it to have more control over their future.

So what stops women to take the big step? Sometimes, a “good enough” life is a deterrent. A career, a good job, a family … often, these things make us feel comfortable.

“I was successful in a job that wasn't really difficult,” explains Linda Shesto, general manager of Pearl Aqua LLC. “When the time came to enter a new reality and become an entrepreneur, I wanted everything to fit perfectly . I wanted the same formula to work for me.”

Of course, there is no magic formula to achieve business success. The unknown is scary, and there are few women who doubt their abilities. “I think, no matter how prepared a woman is, she will feel unprepared, while a man will feel more prepared than she really is.” Unfortunately, studies support this notion.

Other women hesitate to pursue entrepreneurship for fear of not having enough time for themselves or their families. The biggest challenge? Find a balance between running a business and a home.

These are five strategies that will help you overcome business fears and achieve success, even if you plan to immerse yourself in the unknown:

1. Stop seeking approval and embrace your madness

This is your business. It is yours because no one else has had the vision you had to start it. Stop seeking the approval of others before launching a new product or landing an idea. The most successful people are those who were once considered too crazy.

2. Celebrate even the smallest of wins

To maintain an attitude that allows you to achieve your achievements, you will need constant positive reinforcement. Did you finally have the courage to make that call that you had been putting off? Did you get rid of this pile of earrings? Raise your feet to celebrate! That energy will drive you.

3. Be specific

Now that you trust your instincts and celebrate along the way, challenge yourself to break your vision into smaller pieces. With the freedom to do what you want during the day, there is an increase in the need to stick to a plan . What do you want to achieve this month and what do you have on hand to reach your goals? Writing your goals will significantly increase your chances of success.

4. Understand that money is like broccoli

A mentor once told me that making money is like making broccoli: you're not afraid to use the broccoli that is in your refrigerator, are you? You know you can always get more. Similarly, if you are committed to the growth of your business, you should not fear investing in your growth or doing the things that excite you. Instead of worrying about the money you are spending, focus on making every investment worthwhile.

5. Be grateful

My father used to say that, no matter how good or bad you are, there is always someone who is doing better or worse than you. The comparison is the root of despair. Every day we can choose to be grateful for what we have, no matter where we want to be.

“At the end of the day I work for myself, and you can't put a price on that,” says Sherwood. “Nor can I put a value on the teachings I am giving to my children while they see me build my company.”

Like everything worthwhile, being an entrepreneur is not easy. However, we can all be grateful for the opportunity involved in pursuing meaningful work and building a life we ​​love. What more could you want?

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