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5 podcasts that make your quarantine easier

April 29, 2020

We share several programs to keep you up to date, reflect, relax, be amazed, or just to be (but at home).

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5 podcasts that make your quarantine easier5 podcasts that make your quarantine easier

According to the latest health recommendations under the direction of Hugo López-Gatell, Under Secretary of State for Health Promotion and Prevention, it was reported that the quarantine will be extended until May 30 to further combat the spread COVID-19. That’s why we share five podcasts to keep you up to date, reflect, relax, have fun, be amazed, discover or just be at home.

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The thread, a podcast recently launched by Radio Ambulante, offers a new vision and perspective of the current situation in Latin America. Through rigorous journalistic work and a Tell stories This sophisticated podcast covers global issues with a Latin American perspective. It tries to delve into the most important stories of the week, which are voiced by the protagonists and accompanied by a journalistic narrative of the highest quality. You can hear every Friday morning Eliezer Budasoff, Editor of special projects of the America Edition of The countryand Silvia Viñas, executive producer of The string, understand the news beyond the headlines.

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Podcast signals, one of the most heard in Latin America, tells stories and analyzes of horrific stories about ghosts, serial killers, demons, aliens, sects and more. It is presented by Oscar and Pepe, chihuahuas without background in the media or in the world of radio, who crumble from time to time and add a little humor to every story. Podcast Signals is a real escape.

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Important news about the technology sector, gadgets, robots and recommendations from books, films and series, the podcast Aura into the future It is full of digital culture. Every week, the episodes are led by Aura López, a technology specialist and employee in various media, who presents a dynamic, entertaining and attractive audio tour with the most relevant information in the world of technology.

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Sports fans are happy! The sports analysis podcast from Martin del Palacio, Driver of Trend zone by the NFL, a employee and a columnist at, and Luis Herrera, Head Researcher of Mexican Football at Sports Interactive, provides information about football and the most important sporting events in Mexico and the world. In addition, it currently offers prominent interviews with players, coaches and sports leaders such as Héctor Moreno, Ramón Raya, Jorge “Chatón” Enriquez and Joaquín Beltrán.

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With the help of Mar del CerroAs a meditation guide and wellness coach, listeners can explore various meditation techniques to work with body, mind and emotions from home. Every 10-minute episode covers breathing techniques, how to get more mental clarity, become more efficient and creative, learn to relax and enjoy the here and now. The podcast also includes interviews with meditation guides, psychologists, yogis, Pilates teachers, and nutritionists.

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