5 pillars of Inbound Marketing that you should not ignore

Do you want to attract customers to your brand? Content must be king.

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5 pillars of Inbound Marketing that you should not ignore
5 pillars of Inbound Marketing that you should not ignore

Inbound Marketing is a philosophy and at the same time marketing methodology that seeks to attract customers through the development and distribution of relevant content. It provides solutions to the problems and needs that potential customers may have during their daily lives, in order to achieve a positive impact on both business and people.

The backbone of Inbound Marketing, therefore, is content, and such a strategy will include various channels and types of content to attract prospects to a brand's website. With this strategy, get people closer to the motu proprio brand.

However, for Inbound Marketing it is not enough to attract people to the website , it is necessary to continue supporting and educating them even long after they become customers, that is, after they make their first purchase.

To do this you have to have Marketing automation programs as for a good management of potential customers from the beginning to the end.

In that sense, Inbound Marketing works as a wheel in which to attract, interact and delight will make your business work much better and the challenges even become goals achieved.

One of the premises of Inbound is to build trust and credibility in your business, so the following are the five fundamental pillars that you must take into account when implementing this strategy:

1. Buyer Person

The Buyer Persona is an archetype of your ideal customer, based on real customer data your company already has.

Because people are the main focus of Inbound Marketing, the Buyer Persona is not a description as abstract as that of the target audience.

Beyond demographic data, this fictional representation talks about habits, behaviors, goals and challenges of your ideal client.

To better understand, we give you an example: Vanessa is 25 years old, single, lives in Mexico City with her parents. He has just left the University and has also just made a commitment and is planning his wedding day. Look for wedding planning agencies that offer different options to traditional celebrations.

You can even create several Buyer Personas for your brand according to the different customer profiles you have.

All this requires a thorough investigation that is worth it, because if you do not know who you are addressing, how will you know how to meet your needs with your products or services?

2. Content Marketing

You already know the interests and needs of your Buyer Persona , now you have to create content that gives you value by helping you know the different solutions to your problems so that they can then make a purchase decision.

Therefore it is important that you dedicate time and planning to this pillar, remembering that the best channels to disseminate content are the blog and social networks.

There are various content formats with which you can experiment, such as video marketing, podcats, infographics, etc. In the distribution of the content that you publish in your blog, SEO plays an important role, because it will be of little or nothing that you have spectacular content if nobody can view it in the first places of Google.

The idea is that the content always arrives at the hands of the right people, at the right time and with enough relevance for them.

3. Buyer Journey

It is the route that a buyer makes since he discovers that he has a problem or need, going through exploring the different solution alternatives until making a purchase decision.

Inbound Marketing accompanies the prospect throughout this process by offering value in the content during each of the stages:

  • Recognition of the need: It is when a person realizes that something is missing to satisfy a need that he is barely realizing he has. For example, when someone has the need to protect their savings and investigates what to invest in 2020.
  • Research: When inquiring about the different investment alternatives: buying a property for rent, buying stocks, bonds, cryptocurrencies, buying a franchise to operate a business, etc.
  • Decision: After considering the alternatives, you decide that buying an apartment to rent is the alternative where you feel most comfortable. This is when you are looking for developers or real estate agents to offer you an apartment according to your budget.

4. Marketing Automation

It is the use of computer software that aims to automate some marketing actions during the customer purchase process.

It consists of the creation of mechanical actions on various platforms to guide the user to the final stage of the purchase action.

There are two essential resources for this pillar:

  • Lead Scoring or lead classification: A lead is a person who left your email and eventually more information to receive more information. Lead scoring is a tool that allows you to classify leads according to their degree or level of proximity to the Buyer Persona, their interaction with the brand and the phase of the purchase process in which they are located.
  • Lead Nurturing or lead nutrition: It is about the process of sending information to your leads to make it transit faster and optimally through all phases of the Buyer Journey, guiding it all the way.

5. Measurement and analysis of results

Each strategic action within Inbound Marketing has an impact that must be measured, otherwise, the necessary adjustments could not be made to improve what has been done during the entire user purchase process.

What points should you innovate and which campaigns are working better? This you can only know by measuring and analyzing, in this way, you can also help your users better.

In conclusion, Inbound Marketing is the ideal methodology to grow your business by attracting potential customers to your brand.

These five pillars should guide you throughout the process so that you do not lose focus on the objective of this strategy and how to execute it correctly.

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