5 phrases to help you find your mission in life

Keep these quotes in mind and find out where to go and what you can do to make sense of your life and that of others.

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5 phrases to help you find your mission in life
5 phrases to help you find your mission in life

He importance It is perhaps the most important part of your corporate journey. It will help you know why you got into the business world. The meaning is more than money and bigger than your company culture. It’s the answer to the big question of why you and your business exist.

What are you doing to change the world? What are you doing to change lives? The meaning determines your existence and the reasons you wake up each day. Make sure you know the reason for your actions. Here are five phrases that you can use to create your own definition of meaning.

1. “Words may reveal man’s ingenuity, but his actions show its meaning”, Benjamin Franklin

Never forget the powerful saying “speaking is cheap”, it is not enough to seek a purpose, you have to live and act to make each day worthwhile.

2. “We are at our best and happiest when we are fully involved in a job that we enjoy on the way to the goal we have set for ourselves. This gives meaning to our free time and comfort to our sleep. It makes everything else in life wonderful, so precious. “Earl Nightingale

The sentence of the author and motivational speaker not only sums up the meaning, but also the entrepreneurship. When you do what you love and love what you do, work makes sense, and work doesn’t feel difficult most of the time. Sure, there will be days that are long and challenging, but when you are loyal to something you believe in, the meaning defines the effort and the journey becomes wonderful.

3. “It’s not what we get, it’s what we become, what we contribute … that gives our lives meaning,” Tony Robbins

The goal of just making money isn’t very inspiring. The desire to change the world, or just change your niche, is a much stronger desire that can direct your efforts and inspire your actions. That means not only how you work and benefit from your efforts, but also how your work and efforts contribute to your community. This can be as big or as local as you’d like.

4. “Work gives you meaning and purpose and life is empty without it,” Stephen Hawking

Meaning is the context through which you shape the world. It’s the difference between a pile of bricks and the day-to-day work of building a wall, or the day-to-day work and building a monument.

You can have the same tools as in the other case and still you will build a wall or create a memorial because of the meaning behind every piece you put. If you want to build and contribute to something great, meaning will help you in your daily endeavor.

5. “Life has no meaning, you give it to him”, Joseph Campbell

There is a great saying that goes, “The meaning of life is life.” You are here to be alive and to experience the incredible variety of opportunities it means to be. You create the meaning as you experience the ups and downs, the good and the bad, the triumphs and the failures. You are living now, how will you give your life meaning and help create and contribute to the lives of others?

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