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5-night routines for entrepreneurs to achieve a good level of productivity

May 27, 2020

Do you want to be more productive? Follow these tips and plan your day tomorrow.

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5-night routines for entrepreneurs to achieve a good level of productivity5-night routines for entrepreneurs to achieve a good level of productivity

People’s fascination with productivity is endless. Just look at the waves of books published every year with the obsession to get up earlier every day. It’s not just about optimizing the morning routine or the approach to structuring your working day. Indeed, one of the things that make us more productive and overlooked is the night routine.

Here are five tips to help you master your evening hours and be ready for work tomorrow.

1. Rate your day. What did you do well today? Benjamin Franklin was famous for his routines and schedules. He ended every day by answering a simple question: “What did I do well today?” The feeling is right, but as an entrepreneur you should investigate your day a little more structured. Take some time to review your schedule, project and visions. Ask yourself three questions: What progress have I made to achieve my vision and goals today? What am I particularly grateful for? What improvements can I make to what I’ve learned?

2. Set three priorities for tomorrow. What do you do in the afternoon to be successful the next day? In Barack Obama’s Vanity Fair profile, Michael Lewis writes: “President’s Day really starts the day before.” Spend the afternoon reviewing schedules and meetings for the next day. Many authors suggest ending the day’s work in the middle of a sentence so they know exactly where to go in the morning.

3. Set clear boundaries. As an entrepreneur, it is easy to feel that your company is your life. Set clear limits when your working day ends and your personal time begins. Several articles have discussed the importance of rituals for a smooth transition from work to home. A study of professional military personnel in some of the most stressful situations in the world found that they felt at home after a few simple steps, such as lazing around or changing uniforms for regular clothing.

At the end of your day, take a walk, stretch, or read a book. Go to a yoga class or meditate. If possible, split up after this time and enjoy some time with your family, friends, or do whatever you want to rest.

4. Master sleep hygiene. Many people have some form of sleep disorder. s have more nights without rest than anyone else. Prioritizing sleep and protecting this time is important when you’re dealing with anxiety, fatigue, and other issues that may arise.

The National Sleep Foundation has a good plan for a good night’s sleep. Make a consistent sleep schedule and stick to it. Don’t work or watch TV on TV, use it only for sleeping. Make your room as dark as possible and do not turn on any electronic devices. Play with the temperature and have a cool room. Invest in a comfortable mattress and have enough time to get ready before bed.

5. Do one thing for pleasure. It can be easy to lose sight of the reason why you work so hard: being financially independent, giving your family security, or changing the world. Do one thing every night that makes you happy. Spend time with your family at dinner without a phone. Treat yourself to a massage or a walk. Take some time to watch a movie or read a book.

Conclusion: Paying attention to your evening schedule will give you more control and health. It will allow and compel you to take time for important things like family or your health. In the end, you’ll have more energy and focus on priorities to be more productive tomorrow.