5 mistakes that are made

More than 90% of our language is non-verbal and can transmit so many messages that we could destroy a company without realizing it.

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5 mistakes that are made
5 mistakes that are made

I often meet professionals and great entrepreneurs who make communication mistakes without realizing it. More than 90% of our language is non-verbalAnd it can transmit so much news that, without realizing it, we could destroy a company, close the doors at any opportunity, or create communication barriers.

Through body language, we can not only convey how we feel, but also what our personality is like. Humans interpret each element and convert it into a sign that can obviously be positive or negative. If we know how to deal with our attitude and gestures, we will surely have a point in our negotiations and professional success.

I have seen cases of people who, through their movements, create feelings of openness or shyness. It is then appropriate to take a moment to analyze how some of these movements are interpreted, since most people to whom I have explained these problems have told me that in most cases they make these mistakes without to notice it. In the following I explain how some of these body movements are interpreted:

1. Stand when others are sitting

There are some people who have a habit of standing in a meeting or getting up while others are sitting. This is interpreted as a lack of respect, impatience or little interest in the topic. It refers to a person who wants to leave the place.

2. Check the clock when you are in a meeting or event

A look at the clock also shows impatience and little interest. Therefore, we should do without the clock at events to which we were invited out of respect for the host. If it is a business meeting, we should never watch it when the person speaks.

3. Get somewhere with lots of pockets

Arriving with lots of bags or things in hand shows disorder and disorganization. We should try to wear the least amount of things and with a lot more reason when it comes to an interview or a business meeting. Not being able to say hello because your hands are full means insecurity and imbalance.

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4. Walk bent or with your hands in your pockets

This is interpreted as failure, depression and shows the person as incapable, without authority and emotionally destroyed. Of course we don’t want to give this feeling to others, let alone in our work.

5. Do not stand upright when sitting

This reflects boredom, laziness, little interest and obviously a lack of respect for those present.

If you do without these details, you can lose important businessIt has been proven that humans live on interpretation. The most influential and convincing people are very aware of body language. Let us learn to provide correct stimuli and use this aspect as a tool for success and professional growth.

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