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5 mistakes between a millionaire business and you

April 5, 2020

You have a good business that has not managed to reach the next level. Do you know what you're doing wrong?

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Creating a millionaire business was very difficult until a few years ago, but as technology improves, opportunities increase. Being a successful entrepreneur has never been easier than today, thanks to the digital tools, resources, mentors, research and information that are available.

5 mistakes between a millionaire business and you5 mistakes between a millionaire business and you

Despite this, not all entrepreneurs are wealthy.

Why? Learning is not a problem for most people and the lack of information is certainly no longer an obstacle. Most entrepreneurs are slowed by a weak execution and implementation of their business plans.

Here are five common mistakes that keep you from running millionaire businesses.

1. Most focus on perfection, not experimentation
Seeking absolute perfection has cost many people millions. Most millionaires have tried eight different business models in the same period of time that other people are just studying the market. The point is that they didn't freeze waiting for the perfect circumstances, they took advantage of their time doing experiments.

Try all your crazy ideas. No matter how ridiculous they sound, rehearse with them. Find which ones work and then optimize them. Take tests with different versions of your idea and discover the model that works best. Remember, ideas are just air until they are tested.

2. Few people really think about what they do
There is an Anglo-Saxon saying that says “The more you sweat in times of peace, the less you will bleed in times of war.”

One of the great opportunities to improve your chances of success that many entrepreneurs don't see is preparing for what they want. Truly productive people know what their goal is and focus their efforts. Once they set their goal, they break the strategy to achieve it in realistic steps. This strategic thinking reduces mistakes and increases the ability to predict the future.

Plan your long-term strategies before considering the tactics to follow. In other words, determine what you want to achieve, who you want to be and the type of clients you want to attract. You don't have a real strategy if you don't know if what you plan to do is really important for your current and potential customers and what sets you apart from your competition.

3. Many do not learn to delegate intelligently
One of the most difficult aspects of leadership is getting others to do things as well or better than you do. However, it is an indispensable step to have a millionaire business. Before building a team to which you can delegate strategic tasks, you must understand who you are and what is most important to you. Once you determine what your most important values ​​are, write them down and work them to be the pattern of your company.

Your team must follow these values. If someone is capable of accomplishing a task with 80 percent of your effectiveness, then you should let them do it. When delegating a task, make sure that the person you hired is very clear about what their duties are and how they should carry them out. Most entrepreneurs hire very fast and fire very slowly. It should be the other way around. Hire slow, fire fast.

4. They trade time for money
Millionaires know that they will not get more wealth by exchanging time for money. It's okay to work this way when it starts, but at some point you should focus on growing your business with leverage.

Focus on creating various sources of income that don't compromise your time. There are many options such as property investments, online business, partnership, etc. Take the time to analyze if you are making the most of your hours. s who become millionaires do not work 24 hours a day. They understand the importance of generating more value in the market than their competitors.

5. They are self-centered
People are interested in what your business can do for them. Most entrepreneurs try to sell their experience and wisdom, their name. They believe that consumers are going to pay for their advice when it really isn't. People buy solutions for their problems and desires. They want results and they don't really care who the founder of a company is.

Do you really understand what consumers want from your brand? Millionaires know that their businesses must revolve around their customers, not themselves. Your customers are experts at what they want, so you need to make sure to research them correctly. Know what their needs, desires, passions, concerns, etc. are. They seek to have a fun relationship with your brand. You are ready?

A simple change of perspective can transform your chances of success. Find out what's holding you back to take your business to the next level. Change your thinking, actions and strategy so that they go according to your new vision.

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