5 keys to stop daydreaming, and start your business or dream

According to a recent survey published in the UK, people spend 37 minutes a day daydreaming during their workday.

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According to a recent survey published in the UK, people spend 37 minutes a day daydreaming during their workday (accumulating them means you spend 9 days a year daydreaming).

5 keys to stop daydreaming, and start your business or dream
5 keys to stop daydreaming, and start your business or dream

Here I show you how to make them come true.

1. A small micro-step for man, a great leap to achieve your dream.

There's nothing wrong with dreaming – in fact, dreamy people who spend a lot of time imagining what it should be and isn't, according to a study by Georgia Tech , means you're a very smart person.

But daydreaming is often a natural defense for our brains to deal with our painful reality. The brain is not made to be in a state of constant depression and frustration, so we instinctively activate our 'emotional' brain – the limbic system, when we are daydreaming, feels good, because we produce a dopamine discharge and it makes us feel better.

It is this discharge that makes us want to do something, with our reality.

But if you leave it there, nothing will really happen, daydreaming and wishing with a lot of energy and passion that something come true will not make anything happen if you don't do something about it.

Instead, take a small step, a 'micro step' towards making your dream come true. Even reading and reading article after article to inspire you on sites like this is great, but if you don't take action, nothing will happen.

The smallest micro step is much bigger than daydreaming vividly and strongly all day.

A micro-step would be:

  • Enroll in a class.
  • Make an appointment with someone who coaches you for your business.
  • Buy a book.
  • Buy a course online.
  • Register for that conference you need.
  • Talk to that person today that you want to be your partner.
  • Open your blog today, start your YouTube channel, today.

Whenever you catch yourself dreaming, end your dream with a micro-step, something achievable that same day. Never dream again without this ending in action.

2. Find your reason to overcome your fears

When people want to achieve a dream, the first thing that will come to their mind is all the reasons and emotions why not to do so. They will almost always be fears.

Fear of uncertainty, what others will say, fear of not achieving it. Fear will always paralyze you, and you cannot overcome a fear, you need to focus on something else, and this is the solution:

Simon Sinek, gives us a great answer for this, while you do not find your why in your life, you will continue to live based on fear and social conventions. Once you know why you are alive, why you want to live, why you want to change the world, or even why you want to achieve your dream. You will have extra life motivation, an unfair advantage over others.

Find your why of life , answer the why you want to achieve that dream. If you don't know what the reason for your life is, these simple exercises will help you .

When a fear comes, then your why will respond to that fear. Remembering your why, tear down fears.

3. Be very clear about your legacy

A dying patient nurse wrote an article that has traveled the world, called “The Regrets of Dying People .

The most valuable possession you have in this life is called time, and when people run out of time, they can then dimension what they valued most and what they didn't. Imagine for a moment that today is your last day of life, what would you have regretted not doing?

According to the Bronnie Ware article, people who are living their last day of life regret these 5 things:

  1. Not having the courage to be who they really were, and living to meet the expectations of others.
  2. They wish they hadn't spent that much time at work.
  3. Having the courage to express what they really feel.
  4. Have wished to keep in touch with your friends.
  5. Allow yourself to be happier.

And finally, when people die, they generally don't want to die with their MBA degree next to their bed, or they want to die on top of their Ferrari, or they want to die with the Articles of Incorporation of their startup or the app they created in hand. No, people want to die with their loved ones.

4. Fail as soon as possible

One of my mentors, Gary Vaynerchuk, a Russian immigrant who came to the United States, worked in his 20s at his father's liquor store, in 2006 managed to convince him to open the first ecommerce site for wines, WineLibrary, and started promoting it. with a show on YouTube when not even Google had acquired it. After 10 years of hard daily work and effort, he has now become the Master to follow in Social Media, today he has his own marketing agency that has broken into the world of branding, works with the big global brands and all this has done That he is on the way to achieving his dream, “buy and own the team of American New York Jets.”

When Gary is asked what his secret is (how can an immigrant with nothing now be on his way to buy an NFL team?), He replies, “I have never been afraid of failure, failure is my everyday's bread. I just closed my eyes in all my twenties, I did my daily work, I did not care that for three years I only had very few views of my videos, it did not matter that the big agencies and the 'know-it-all' marketing managers of big brands laughed at my proposals. I just go out every day and I wait for rejection, I wait for a 'no', I wait for a fight against me. ”

That is the attitude, being willing to face the hard and difficult and being willing to get your hands dirty with hard work. Today Gary Vaynerchuk was part of the first show in Apple's history, 'The Planet of Apps' and just launched his sneaker line with K-Swiss, and his agency has a presence in the United States, the United Kingdom and soon Asia.

The faster you fail, the closer you are to your dream, the faster you know something was wrong, the faster you will try an idea. A person who goes out to test a business idea in a month, advances much more in the achievement of his dreams, than someone who spends planning and learning for a whole year.

My recommendation is that if you are looking to start a business, use a methodology called Business Model Innovation , to test your ideas and prototype your business before even spending a peso.

5. Be clear about what you are doing

All of the above will give you clarity. It is very different from someone who will spend working in a job that makes him unhappy all this year, to someone who knows what his reason is, knows what legacy he wants to leave, takes small steps every day, learns to try business ideas and knows that he will take advantage of this year in a job that he wants to leave but that he will use all the time to his advantage, learning, testing and taking micro-steps.

This is clarity, and this will give you peace of mind. If perhaps it does not take you a year, two or three, the chaos we are experiencing today is of people who want to get rich overnight, and since they do not succeed, they become frustrated, depressed and curse their lives. When happiness and purpose in your life will come from knowing that you are on the right track, on the right track, it is only a matter of time and effort.

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